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Version 2.0 is here!

After many years of development, the new version of Evil Resource is live.

So what's new?

As well as completely revamping the design, version 2.0 offers a variety of new features which includes the following:

  • A full rewrite of descriptions for all resources, including items, files, enemies, characters and miscellaneous objects.
  • Full coverge of Resident Evil 5.

  • New interactive maps that allow you to do the following:
    • See the contents of a location at-a-glance for a specific character's scenario.
    • Highlight all the locations a particular resource appears in.
    • The adjoining maps and locations for a specific place.
  • Interactive maps for more games:
    • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    • Resident Evil Code: Veronica
    • Resident Evil Remake
    • Resident Evil Zero
  • A new search with custom intelligence, enabling you to find a specific resource or location quickly and easily.

  • A revamped guestbook and a new contact form, which I encourage all visitors to use to provide any type of feedback you can on the site. They say negative feedback is the best kind of feedback, and I agree, as it's the only way to identify problems and make the site better.

But wait, there's more!

Work has already begun on version 2.1, which will offer a bulk of updates to the site. This will include convering the latest games of the series such as Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil 6, as well as some of the older ones such as Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Survivor. Also included will be an addional dimension to the Interactive Maps, which I will discuss in greater detail at a later date ;-)