Jill Valentine

Age 23
Blood type B
Height 166cm
Weight 50.4kg
Other appearances Resident Evil
Resident Evil Remake
Resident Evil 5
Jill is a member of S.T.A.R.S., a special taskforce in the Raccoon City Police Department. She is a specialist in disarming explosive traps. With her experience training in the U.S. Delta Force, she is one of the survivors of the original incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains. Cheerful and independent, Jill has a strong sense of justice. Though she has a healthy emotional side, she is a talented woman with a strong will and excellent judgement.

Jill's role within the game is essentially to escape the city alive. For the most part you're in control of Jill, making your way through the streets of Raccoon City.

Carlos Olivera

Age 21
Blood type O
Height 182kg
Weight 83kg
Carlos is from South America. His exact nationality is unknown but he carries Indian blood. He is a U.B.C.S. soldier, in charge of heavy firearms, security and mission back-up. He is also responsible for weapons maintenance. At first sight he may appear inexperienced and immature. He is actually warm-hearted, with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Jill meets Carlos shortly after hearing his S.O.S. transmission in the S.T.A.R.S. office, before agreeing to help each other escape the city. There is one point during the game you take control of Carlos for a short period.

Dario Rosso

Age ?
Blood type ?
Height ?
Weight ?
One of the few survivors of Raccoon City that Jill encounters after narrowingly escaping the undead. This panic-stricken man is at his wits end as he fears for the safety of himself and his family. Unfortunately this grief has made him very stubborn in cooperating with Jill and locks himself away in the back of a trailer in the Warehouse.

It isn't until you return here much later on in the game that you learn of his fate of being eaten alive by Zombies.

Brad Vickers

Age 35
Blood type O
Height 174cm
Weight 60.8kg
Other appearances Resident Evil
Resident Evil Remake
The helicopter of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team finds himself caught right in the middle of the disaster that has struck Raccoon City. He's desperately trying to find refuge as he flees from the monsters infesting the streets of the city, especially since he's convinced he is being stalked by one monster in particular.

This is actually the first time you get to see Brad alive and in the flesh, unfortunately you don't get to see him alive for very long. His instincts were spot on when he is attacked by Nemesis outside of the Police Station. He meets a grizzly death by having a tentacle ripped through his neck.

Marvin Branagh

Age ?
Blood type ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Other appearances Resident Evil 2
A dedicated member of the Raccoon Police Department who is one of the last remaining survivors of the entire precinct. When you find him he has been mortally wounded by Zombies and he is lying unconscious on the floor. It's not until the events of Resident Evil 2 that he does one last good deed and helps Leon and Claire in their escape from the city.

Mikhail Victor

Age 45
Blood type A
Height 178cm
Weight 98.0kg
Originally a lieutenant in the Red Army from St. Petersburg, Russia, he was forced to resign after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. He is now a commander of the U.B.S.C. Delta Platoon assigned to Raccoon City to help save the civilians from the monsters that now inhabit it.

When you find him he has been badly wounded, but that doesn't stop him from trying to perform his duties and protecting everyone around him. In the end he saves Jill and Carlos from Nemesis at the cost of him own life.

Nicholai Ginovaef

Age 35
Blood type A
Height 187cm
Weight 102.0kg
Originally from Moscow, Russia, who is now a commander of the U.B.S.C. Delta Platoon assigned to clean up Raccoon City. However Nicholai's has also been given some specific secret instructions to carry out, including gathering battle data and the medical for the B.O.W.s under development, which is essentially Umbrella's true aim.

Every encounter with him is a sinister one, making it obvious that Nicholai is hiding something. His true motives aren't revealed until the very end, where depending on the course of events he either succeeds with his mission, or fails miserably.

Murphy Seeker

Age 27
Blood type B
Height 191cm
Weight 82.0kg
A former US Marine who was hired into the U.B.S.C. for his marksman skills, he became good friends with Carlos during his years of service.

Unfortunately he was one of the many soldiers to become infected by the T-Virus, and as a result is shot down to prevent further infection by his former team mates.

Tyrell Patrick

Age 32
Blood type AB
Height 185cm
Weight 90.0kg
A former soldier of the French Foreign Legion, he became a member of Unit A of the U.B.S.C. to avoid a life sentence for selling weapons on the black market which were used in a mass genocide.

In the end he became suspicious of Nicholai's activities and sought to discover his true intentions. This ultimately led him to being murdered by Nicholai.

Barry Burton

Age 38
Blood type A
Height 186cm
Weight 89.3kg
Little is known about Barry since his experience at the Spencer Mansion. Apparently he organised with Chris and Jill to go storm the Umbrella Headquarters in Europe.

You only see Barry at the end of the game, and only if you chose to jump off the bridge outside the Dead Factory as apose to pushing Nemesis. He flies into Raccoon City to rescue Jill and Carlos just in the nick of the time.