The zombie is the most common enemy in the game, the poor residents of Raccoon City who became infected with the T-Virus and left to rot on the streets. The police force could do nothing against the zombie hoards, not even the Umbrella Biohazard Counter-measure Service had a chance.

The zombie is an easy enemy, as long as they're in small numbers. The Handgun is enough to keep them at bay. It's possible to decapitate one or many zombies with a single shotgun blast, simply aim up when they come into grabbing range, and fire.

Zombie Dog

The zombie dog, unlike the Cerberus, was not an experiment, but more of an accident. When exposed to the T-Virus, the creature mutates. However, the movements and attacks are practically identical to that of the Cerberus.

The easiest way to deal with these dogs is by using the handgun. Wait until they come at you, and fire a single shot. Wait until they stagger to their feet and prepare to pounce, then fire again. Keep repeating until they're dead. The problems come when you're surrounded, as their jumping bite attacks could be fatal if delivered one after the other constantly.


Larger and more aggressive than normal, these birds will sit patiently unless they consider you a threat. It seems these crows feasted on a corpse infected with the virus, and driven them to act like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock novel.

You won't encounter crows very often during the game. Its better just to avoid them, however if you do want to take them down, don't use anything larger than the Handgun.

Drain Deimos

This disgusting creature is supposedly a flea that has become infected with the T-Virus. As the name implies, these grotesque monsters can literally drain the blood from your body once they latch onto with their multi-clawed legs.

Disposing of these isn't too hard, but it does become more difficult when you encounter several of them at once. Using the Shotgun at close range to knock them onto their back is a good technique to prevent them from grabbing hold of you.

Brain Sucker

These are a close relation to the Drain Deimos, except these are even more vile. As the name implies, these beasties will grab a hold of your whole body and attempt to suck out your brain.

These creatures are more resilient than their cousins, so the Grenade Launcher with Acid Rounds is a good choice.

Grave Digger

This enormous underground worm with four mandibles is a ferocious enemy that can kill you very quickly if you're not fast enough to dodge its attacks. It is capable of burrowing through the streets of Raccoon City at tremendous speed, making it difficult to judge where it's going to spring up next during your fight with it in the Graveyard.

The first time you encounter it in the Lonsdale Underground Passage you do not have to defeat it. Just simply be quick on your toes and listen out for it approaching. A good technique is to step forward a few paces until you hear it approaching, then take a few steps back to avoid its attack. As soon as it starts to withdraw back into the hole, run forwards and activate the ladder switch before it comes charging back through the hole again.

The second time you encounter it, in the Graveyard, you have no choice but to kill it if you want to continue with your escape of the city. A powerful weapon is needed here, so the Grenade Launcher is a recommended choice. After a certain amount of damage has been dealt to it, you may notice one of the lampposts starts to buckle. Apply a well-aimed shot at it with a hand gun and it will come crashing down into a puddle, electrifying it. One touch of this puddle by the Grave Digger will frazzle it to death.

Sliding Worm

A baby Grave Digger that roams the sewers of Raccoon City. These deadly snake-like creatures usually travel in groups, and once they have you within their sights they will jump and latch onto you. It can be quite a struggle to get them off as they suck the blood from your body, changing colour from white to red as they do so.

It is usually much easier to dodge and run away from these worms than to fight and kill them, simply due to their numbers and their speed that makes it difficult to target them. If you do choose to fight them though, one or two blasts with the Handgun is enough to put them down.

Giant Spider

These spiders of awesome size were created when an ordinary arachnid was exposed to the leaked T-Virus. These venomous eight-legged monsters can surprise you when they suddenly land in front of you with their ability to walk on walls and ceilings, but their presence within a room can be known to you if you listen out for their low-bass thumping noise as the scurry around.

Despite their size they are surprisingly quick. Using the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher are good choice when it comes to disposing of these and keeping them at bay.

Small Spider

Other appearances Resident Evil
A baby spider that has recently emerged from its mothers egg sack. Although they don't deal huge amounts of damage, they do temporarily stun you when they jump and attack you, making them more of a nuisance than a threat.

Don't waste any ammunition on them, simply run or walk over them and they will get crushed with a satisfying "splat" noise.

Hunter Beta

An extremely powerful creature with claws on all four limbs, and the ability to jump several metres in the air. Encountered in the Hospital and the Dead Factory, they were sent into Raccoon City for test battle purposes, before being mass produced. However, these are not perfect specimens, which reflects in their disfigured appearance.

These reptilian creatures are very dangerous; they have two different forms of attack. They either swipe at your legs, or jump and slash at your torso, which if they're close enough could go right over your head and result in decapitation. Although you have nothing more powerful than an Assault Rifle at the Hospital, when you reach the Outskirts these creatures should be dispatched with the Grenade Launcher.

Hunter Gamma

An alternative form of Hunter, these are designed for aquatic environments, and therefore will not be encountered in dry areas. Research was being carried out in the basement of the Hospital on these creatures, however they are not a successful experiment. These are weaker then the standard Hunter, so dealing with them isn't too difficult. They have an advantage though, being able to jump much further, however a few blasts from the Shotgun should be enough.

Nicholai Ginovaef

This battle with Nicholai doesn't happen face-to-face, but rather he appears before you in the helicopter you were planning to escape in. He then proceeds to attack you by firing the helicopters guns at you.

You can choose to fight Nicholai or negotiate with him. The battle is a dangerous one if you choose to fight, unless you have the rocket launcher it's not worth the risk. If you choose to negotiate he will be stubborn and fly away.


This B.O.W. was the result of advanced research conducted in the Umbrella European office as an attempt to create a Tyrant with radically improved intelligence, allowing it to follow orders and handle complex weaponry. A B.O.W. parasite was produced called the NE-alpha which was injected into an ordinary mas-produced Tyrant's spinal cord on a cellular level, whereupon it began to feed on the T-Virus and used it to spread throughout the entire system.

This new breed of Tyrant deployed into Raccoon City and was programmed with the instructions of finding and disposing of the remaining S.T.A.R.S team members, Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers. It was fitted with a protective armor to avoid taking too much damage, and equipped with a rocket launcher to aid it in its mission.

Nemesis (Second Form)

In this form Nemesis has lost his protective armour, including his limiter. As a result he undergoes a slight mutation that causes his tentacles to become longer and much more dangerous. He can now use these tentacles to whip and slash at you, he can even use them to grab hold of you and slide you to within range of his physical attacks.

Nemesis (Third Form)

In Nemesis' final form he bears little resemblance to his former self as the mutation has gone completely out of control after being subjected to the chemicals of the disposal system within the Dead Factory. It is now a massive blob-like creature capable of spitting acid.

In this form Nemesis is practically invincible to your ordinary weapons. When you fight him inside the Rail Cannon Room, you must power up the rail cannon by inserting the three large industrial-sized batteries into their compartments. Once this has been done the system needs to boot and power up, after which a countdown will eventually alert you to when the cannon is ready to fire. It is at this point that you need to have ensured you have drawn Nemesis into the path of where the cannon will fire, as one direct hit will be enough to rip it in half.