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Episode 1 Files

Rules for Monitoring Test Subjects

Improving Security Measures

Excerpt from Kafka's "In the Penal Colony"

Prisoner's Letter

Caution for Experiment Handling

Excerpt from Kafka's "The Trial"

Escape Report

Prisoner's Journal

Escapee's Note

Episode 2 Files

Pedro's Notes on the Bracelet

Traveler's Diary

Mock Experiment Results

Town Resident's Note

Gabe's Note

Female Villager's Letter

Town Resident's Memo

Clinical Experiment Notes

Parting Words to My Dear Father

Episode 3 Files

Hawk Room Graffiti

Factory Chief's Journal 1

Light Room Grafiti

Factory Chief's Journal 2

The Four Gates

A Eulogy for my Brethren

Release Our Sworn Comrades

Instructions for Stuart

Stuart's Valediction

A Letter to My Compatriots

Neil's Candidate List

The Old Man's Journal

Generator Guide

Irina's Last Words

Note on Corpse Disposal

Episode 4 Files

Neil's Report

Notes on the Transfer Procedure

Thoughts on Kafka

Crane Operations Report 1

Crane Operations Report 2

The Sluice Operator's Last Words

Poisonous Gas Warning

Mine Worker's Scribbled Note

Mine Worker's Diary 1

Mine Worker's Diary 2

Specimen Transfer Log

Research Facility Chief's Journal 1

Researcher's Journal

Report on the Uroboros Virus

Specimen Disposal Log

Researcher's Memo

Research Facility Chief's Journal 2

Hatred of Natalia