Claire Redfield

The survivor of the Raccoon City incident returns once again. Sometime after the Rockfort Island incident, Claire joined a non-governmental human rights organisation called TerraSave.

During a staff party in 2011, an unknown tactical group stormed the building and captured all of the TerraSave staff members inside, including Claire and new recruit Moira Burton. Claire woke up to find herself in a locked cell on an island, with the sounds of screaming in the distance...

Barry Burton

The former Special Tactics and Rescue Service team member makes a comeback on a mission to find his missing daughter, Moira Burton. The last he heard of her was that she was trapped on a remote island along with Claire Redfield.

Since his S.T.A.R.S. days, he retreated to Canada to ensure the safety of his family. Sometime later, he joined the B.S.A.A. as an adviser. It was during this time that he reunited with Chris Redfield, and was introduced to Claire that started a close friendship between the two of them.

Moira Burton

Moira is the daughter of Barry Burton, the man who made it through the original nightmare in Raccoon City known as "The Mansion Incident". It was Moira and her sister Polly, along with their mother, whose lives were threatened by Albert Wesker when he attempted to blackmail Barry into helping him with his evil schemes. Moira was only a small child during this time, but she is now grown up into a rebellious young woman.

She joins TerraSave with help from her close friend Claire Redfield, only to be abducted at celebration party at TerraSave headquarters and taken to a mysterious island.

Natalia Korda

Natalia grew up in Terragrigia with her parents when she was a young age. During the events of Resident Evil Revelations you witness that the downfall of this city was caused from a bio-terrorism attack. During the conflict Natalia's parents were killed, but she managed to get to safety thanks to Neil Fisher. At that point she was taken into an care by TerraSave, before being captured by unknown people and taken to the island. Here she was the subject of some strange experiments, but eventually found herself free to roam the island on her own.

Alex Wesker

Alex Wesker is one of the candidates of Project W. This project, which was developed by the Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer, aimed to produce a superior race of humans. She eventually managed to acquire control of Sushestvovanie Island, where she could use the population as test subjects to develop the T-Phobus Virus.

She kidnapped Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, amongst many others from Terra Save, to continue her experiments.