These creatures are the result of human prisoners who were infected with the T-Phobos virus, and then tortured and mutilated to induce fear. This causes them to act very hostile towards non-infected people.

These are the most frequent enemies you encounter during Claire and Moira's scenarios. They attack by lunging themselves at you, and cause damage either with their hands, or with various implements they come armed with.


These are a variation to a standard Afflicted, created by further exposure to the treatment that caused their mutation. As such, they are stronger and moe resilient to attacks.

You encounter these enemies during Claire and Moira's scenarios. They wield a large axe-hammer that is capable of inflicting the "bleed" status.

Giant Whip Spider

These giant spiders are a result of Alex Wesker's experiments on ordinary whip spiders.

You encounter these enemies very rarely during both Claire and Moira's scenarios, and Barry and Natalia's scenarios. They are more of an annoyance than a threat, causing minor damage. However, they tend to arrive in large numbers.


These creatures are the reanimated corpses of Afflicted that were killed by Claire and Moira. Much like the T-Virus, theT-Phobos Virus has the ability to reanimate dead cells, resulting in the zombie-like appearance of these monsters.

These are the most frequent enemies you encounter during Barry and Natalia's scenarios. They have no weapons, so they attack using their hands and attempt to throttle and swipe you to death.


Revenant's are experiments that were created by injecting a corpse with the T-Phobos Virus and the Uroboros Virus. It is alluded that all of the Revenant's were securely sealed away during the time Claire and Moira were exploring the island, but managed to escape by the time Barry arrived.

Revenant's look like severely mutated humans, often appearing with multiple body parts crudely stitched together. Some Revenent's also have crude weaponry embedded onto their limbs, such as knives and serrated blades. They have a weak central core that exposes itself once you have destroyed enough of its body parts.

Mutant Pedro

This creature is the result of what happens if a human who was injected with the T-Phobos Virus succumbs to too much fear. The virus causes them to mutate into a much stronger creature filled with rage. In this particular instance, it was Pedro whom you meet at the Wossek Bar in Claire and Moira's Episode Two who undergoes the mutation.

Pedro is armed with the Drill during his mutation, therefore it becomes his primary weapon.


An Orthrus was once a dog, but due to grotesque experiments with the T-Phobus Virus it has been turned into a mutated wild creature. This result is similar to the humans who ended up like the Afflicted, full of rage and almost impervious to pain.

These creatures are encountered by both Claire and Moira's scenarios, and Barry and Natalia's scenarios. They attack by lunging themselves at you, and are quick to evade your gunfire using their incredible speed.


The Glasp is a creature that can "bend" light around its body, allowing it to appear invisible in normal conditions. These monsters were created from experiments with the T-Phobus Virus, and were released during the time Claire and Moira are escaping from the island. Their presence is somewhat detected through a "noise" they give off, which causes both your sight and your hearing to become heavily distorted the closer they get.

These creatures are encountered very briefly by Claire and Moira, and a few times by Barry and Natalia. Due to them being invisible, the easiest way to spot them is to use a Smokescreen Bottle. The smoke will render their camouflage temporarily compromised, allowing you to see them. If they manage to grab hold of you, their attack is an instant kill.


Under random circumstances, an Afflicted can undergo another mutation upon its death. This mutation causes pustules to erupt within its torso, causing the entire upper half of its body to become a sack of bile. The creature will then rise up again and pursue you.

They are encountered during Claire and Moira's scenarios. When they get within a certain proximity to you, or if they sustain a certain amount of damage, their bodies will explode causing major damage. Their demise will also spray the immediate area with their bile, causing your vision to become compromised if you are caught in the blast radius.


The Vulcanblubber is a hugely grotesque creature that has undergone a variation of the mutation as seen in ordinary Afflicted. Due to its massive size, it is slow to move, however it wields a large drum of chemicals that is uses to concoct an explosive "cannon", enabling it to shoot deadly fireballs at a great distance.

These lumbering monsters are encountered during Claire and Moira's scenarios. Using your most powerful weapons is the only advisable way to bring down these enemies.


Splasher's are a variety of Revenant.

These variations have an elongated arm that is able to produce and spray an acidic liquid. If you character gets hit by this compound, their vision will be compromised for a short period of time. Like the Revenant, once you destroy enough of its body parts its weak core will reveal itself.


The Slinger is an experimental creature resulting from the use of the Uroboros Virus. This monster gets its name from the giant parasitic projectile it hurls at you using its massive arm. This creature regenerates its parasite after each one it throws, resulting in what appears to be an infinite supply of ammunition.

They are encountered during Barry and Natalia's scenarios. The only way to defeat them is to aim at the core it has located on its upper torso. If one of its projectiles hits you, it will explode into a shower of bile that compromises your eyesight temporarily.

Monster Neil

When Neil gets injected with the Uroboros Virus, it results in a mutation that turns him into a large hulking monster with incredible speed and strength. As with most mutations, Neil is blinded by pure rage and will attack any one he sees in his path.

As with all Uroboros creatures, the weakness is the orange-coloured core. The core shows itself once the monster has sustained enough damage to the rest of its body.


The Dhurlga is a creature that is comprised of a multitude of Revenant corpses. Due to the nature of Uroboros, the virus absorbs nearby bodily remains into itself and fuses them together to create a new, larger creature.

These creatures are very rare, and you encounter them during Barry and Natalia's scenarios. The creature has an enormous orange core at its base, you must destroy the core to kill the creature for good.

Monster Alex

In one last attempt to defeat Barry and Natalia, Alex Wesker injects herself with the Uroboros Virus. Having already mutated due to the T-Phobos in her body, she becomes stronger yet even more grotesque creature who crawls around on all four limbs. She evades Barry by crawling in and out of ventilation shafts scattered throughout her laboratory.

Once you eventually bring her down inside the lab, she will undergo a further mutation into her second form.

Monster Alex (2nd Fight)

In this form, she has become even closer to an Uroboros creature, with her skin turning a darker purple colour, and the presence of more black tentacles. During this fight, she is invulnerable to conventional attacks. The strategy is to use Barry to lure her out into the open, allowing Claire to take aim and finish her off.