Game Resident Evil Revelations 2
Category Enemy
These creatures are the result of human prisoners who were infected with the T-Phobos virus, and then tortured and mutilated to induce fear. This causes them to act very hostile towards non-infected people.

These are the most frequent enemies you encounter during Claire and Moira's scenarios. They attack by lunging themselves at you, and cause damage either with their hands, or with various implements they come armed with.


Episode One

  • Detention Center. Appear in numerous places throughout the facility.

Episode Two

  • Fishing Village. Start appearing once you are seeking the parts necessary for the helicopter.
  • Town. Appear in and around the town buildings.

Episode Three

  • Food Processing Plant. Appear inside the main building and the slaughterhouse building.
  • Sewers. Appear at various points within the sewer tunnels.