Game Resident Evil Revelations 2
Category Enemy
These creatures are the reanimated corpses of Afflicted that were killed by Claire and Moira. Much like the T-Virus, theT-Phobos Virus has the ability to reanimate dead cells, resulting in the zombie-like appearance of these monsters.

These are the most frequent enemies you encounter during Barry and Natalia's scenarios. They have no weapons, so they attack using their hands and attempt to throttle and swipe you to death.


Episode One

  • Detention Center. Appear frequently throughout the facility.

Episode Three

  • Sewers. Appear throughout the sewer tunnels.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant. Appear in the sluice channel and the surrounding platforms.

Episode Four

  • Floodgates. Appear inside the sluice channels and the surrounding ledges and buildings.
  • The Mines. Appear throughout the mining tunnels and in the various rooms.