Game Resident Evil Revelations 2
Category Enemy
Revenant's are experiments that were created by injecting a corpse with the T-Phobos Virus and the Uroboros Virus. It is alluded that all of the Revenant's were securely sealed away during the time Claire and Moira were exploring the island, but managed to escape by the time Barry arrived.

Revenant's look like severely mutated humans, often appearing with multiple body parts crudely stitched together. Some Revenent's also have crude weaponry embedded onto their limbs, such as knives and serrated blades. They have a weak central core that exposes itself once you have destroyed enough of its body parts.


Episode One

  • 1 × Revenant - Forest. You encounter one that bursts down through the roof of the first cabin you enter when you reach outside.
  • Forest. You encounter several in the forest area beyond the first cabin.
  • Lumber Yard. A large number of them appear through the lumber yard complex.

Episode Two

  • Forest Ruins. Several of them are lurking around the dilapidated buildings of the forest.
  • Town. Appear in several places throughout the town.

Episode Three

  • Quarry. Appear throughout various areas of the quarry.

Episode Four

  • The Mines. Appear throughout the mining tunnels and in the various rooms.
  • Underground Research Facility. Appear throughout the mansion areas and the basement levels.