Escapee's Note

Game Resident Evil Revelations 2
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Escapee's Note

(Written in Russian)

I can't believe it. I got out of there alive. I won't say in one piece...but alive.

I still can't even process what went on there. All the effort in trying to scare us, toy with us...

It was madness.

I met up with some guys in the forest, but they didn't believe me. Can't say I blame them. I wouldn't have believed me either.

After all, who would dare to go up against the one who saved us all?

I can't do this alone. I went to the communications tower to try and call for help, but I couldn't get a signal through.

We're all alone out here.

But if we don't get word outside, we're all done for.

Savior? Hell no. She's more like the devil herself.


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Episode One

  • Forest. On a table inside the wooden house you reach after venturing through the forest. The house is the one next to the gate that has a padlock attached.