Parting Words to My Dear Father

Game Resident Evil Revelations 2
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Parting Words to My Dear Father

You poor, decrepit old man.

You wanted to create a new world, and rule over that world as a god. But for all your ambitions, you couldn't overcome man's most formidable enemies-- age and disease. You had everything, but your crumbling body betrayed you.

And then your own "son" snuffed out whatever pitiful entrails of life you had left, leaving you to become nothing more than a footnote in the annals of history. You failed, old man.

But fear not. Your dream will live on.

I will take the wealth of knowledge, power, and test subjects you have given me, and succeed where you failed. I will create the new world, and I will rule over it as a god. Your legacy will have been long forgotten, but mine has only just begun.

May your soul - if you ever had one - rot in torment for all of eternity, and let hell be filled with the sound of your teeth gnashing incessantly.


Episode Two

  • Monument. Halfway up the left-hand set of stairs.