Regular Oozes are mutated humans who have been exposed to the T-Abyss Virus. Ooze dynamically change the structure of their bodies, which allows them to hide in vents, creep through floor grates, and surprise agents with attacks from unsuspecting places. Their weak point is their head.

Tricorne Ooze

The Tricorne Ooze (or Shooter Ooze as it is commonly aliased) is a variant of the regular Ooze. They prefer to fight from long range and have a sharp gun-like appendage that shoots spinning bone projectiles at the player. It is possible to shatter these projectiles out of the air with a well-timed knife attack. As with the regular Oozes, their weak spot is also their head.

Pincer Ooze

The Pincer Ooze is a variant of the regular Ooze. They have over-sized arms that are covered in huge spikes, and they have a surprisingly long reach so it is best to fight these creatures from a distance. As with the regular Oozes, their weak spot is also their head.

Chunk Ooze

The Chunk Ooze (or Exploding Ooze) is another variant of the regular Ooze. This type has undergone a horrible mutation and turned into flesh bags filled with explosive gas. These Oozes tend to guard doorways and hide around corners. Their method of attack is unique in that they will sacrifice themselves and explode when you get too close. Their weak spot is their massive bulk of a body, but stand clear when you fire as they will explode.


The Globster is a mysterious B.O.W.s that appears to be some sort of aquatic animal horrifically transformed by the T-Abyss Virus. You encounter these both on land and in the sea. Be sure to avoid them completely when they are in water, as they are capable of swallowing you whole. Their weak spot is their mouth on the underside of their body.


Fenrir are wild wolves that have been exposed to the T-Abyss Virus. They usually travel in packs, which means you'll usually have to fight off a multitude of these, and they like to attack from all directions. Their weak spot is their exposed ribcage on the side of their bodies.

Black Fenrir

The Black Fenrir is a larger variant of the regular Fenrir. You will usually find at least one of these in every pack of Fenrir you encounter, almost like an alpha-male role. They take more firepower to take down, but their exposed ribcage is still their weakness like their smaller counterparts.


Hunters are large, fast-moving B.O.W. creatures that were originally created by the Umbrella corporation. Their design has been improved and are now able to be transported to the weapon of a terrorist attack. It was these creatures that were used as part of the attack on Terragrigia.


Farfarello are advanced Hunters that have the ability to cloak. These creatures jump in and out of invisibility and are less aggressive than regular Hunters. They prefer to sneak up on you rather than charging full-bore.

Wall Blister

Wall Blisters are horrifying snail-like creatures that hibernate by sticking to walls and ceilings and hide within their invulnerable shells. When Wall Blisters are dormant, nothing can disturb them. When they wake, however, they immediately charge you with their giant tentacles flailing.


Ghiozzo are goldfish modified by the T-Abyss Virus. They don't resemble their original forms and instead look like spiky piranhas. They are deadly both in and out of the water, and are fast moving that makes them difficult to target. On land they launch themselves up at you and attack with their razor sharp teeth.

Sea Creeper

These horrifying creatures are the mermaids of your worst nightmares. Their chest areas are completely composed of teeth, and they will attempt to latch on and digest anyone who comes too close.


These repulsive tentacles inhabit the ocean and always attack in groups. They move very fast through the water and have the ability to attack with both blunt force and with airborne explosive B.O.W. sacks. Malacoda are parasitic, and Veltro has spread rumours that they have been effectively used to create aquatic super-organisms.


These creatures are the result of further mutation to someone infected with the T-Abyss Virus. They are large, malformed monsters that have an organic saw-like appendage on one arm, capable of dealing an instant-death attack.

Rachael Ooze

This is the result of Rachael being reanimated by the T-Abyss Virus. She is much stronger than a regular Ooze, and is capable of moving at fast speed.


This large B.O.W. is assumed to be the product of combing the T-Abyss Virus with a shellfish. Because of this, this creature has an extremely tough outer shell that can deflect almost anything you fire at it. This monster's primary form of attack is a a charge that will knock anyone in the vicinity to the ground and cause a lot of damage.


This B.O.W. is the product of combining the T-Abyss Virus with DNA of a species of shark. The result is a terrifying monster that has razor sharp claws and an extremely tough exterior that can withstand most forms of weaponry. In some scenarios, it is possible to destroy half of this creature and have either its upper torso and head, or its lower torso and legs, still come after you.

Norman Mutant

This monster is the result of the leader of the Veltro Jack Norman injecting himself with an overdose of the T-Abyss Virus. This causes him to mutate into a creature nicknamed "The Ultimate Abyss", and provides him with abilities unseen in any other T-Abyss monster so far. These include the ability to create mirages of himself, and to teleport short distances.