Genesis Manual

On Handling the New Prototype

Flight Plan

Plants with Medicinal Properties

Daily Courier Article 1

The FBC's Charter

Ship Layout

Discarded Message

History of the Queen Zenobia

Note Found in Room 303

Emergency Communications Room Note

Communication Officer's Journal

Cleaning Report for Next-On-Duty

Safety Procedures

Casino Staff's Report

A Scribbled Memo

Mysterious Instructions

Anonymous Note

Suicide Note

Piece of a Manifesto

Memo Left in the Engine Room

Steam Pipe Maintenance Report

Veltro Agent's Journal 1

"Scarmiglione" Development Document

Researching the Deep-Sea Virus

Completion of New-Type Virus

Veltro Agent's Journal 2

Malacoda Development Materials

Infection Log for Queen Zenobia

Mysterious Journal

Daily Courier Article 2

Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia