Genesis operation manual.

Genesis Manual

Genesis Manual
Version. 1.0.9

The nickname of a high-level bioscanner currently being tested and developed by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

It bounces special synchrotron radiation off of a target in order to analyze it.

"Viral Analysis"
It is possible to detect and analyze even the smallest amount of viruses.

"Vaccine Manufacturing"
Since ver. 1.0.4,it has been possible to produce simple vaccines from the viral analysis data.

Using synchrotron radiation, it is possible to detect specific objects. The data for bullets, medicinal herbs, etc., are registered within the internal memory for testing.

If a detectable object is nearby, the indicator in the lower-right area of the monitor will light up.

Instructions for handling the B.O.W. on the downed aircraft.

On Handling the New Prototype

On Handling the New Prototype

There will be a new prototype introduced on this mission. All mission participants are urged to use extreme caution!

1. When handling the special prototype, all instructions by the handler must be followed to the letter.

2. In the event of an emergency, follow the contingency guidelines in the Hazards and Emergencies Manual.

3. Once the prototype's abilities have activated, it will be impossible to control them. The proscribed sedative must be administered every hour during transport.

4. While it is possible to control the special prototype, its behavior in the field cannot be accurately predicted.

When control is no longer viable, please contact HQ on the dedicated line.

The flight plan for a cargo plane.

Flight Plan

Flight Plan

Type of Flight: IFR

Aircraft Identification: EC6177

Type of Aircraft: C-1306

Departure Point:
Redecilla del Monte Air Base

Valkoinen Mökki Airport

Book describing flora with medicinal properties.

Plants with Medicinal Properties

Plants with Medicinal Properties -
3rd Edition

Humans have been using plants to heal wounds and cure diseases ever since ancient times.

An example of one of these types of plants is a herb that grows wild in the Arklay Mountain area.

The bright green herb not only heals fatigue, but it also helps to strengthen the natural healing process so that wounds heal faster.

In addition, it has an active immune function that can be extremely useful against viral infection.

The medical applications are vast, and they are already starting to be used in the field.

Please consider supplying yourselves with these herbs in order to protect yourself and your family from the recent threat of bioterrorism.

Newspaper article on the relationship of the FBC to Terragrigia.

Daily Courier Article 1

Daily Courier Article 1

London Daily Courier
Tragedy in Terragrigia
By Donatello Luzzaschi

A beast slouches toward Europe to be born, and that beast is the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. What is unique about this beast is that the Federal Species Protection Committee that gave birth to it was no beast itself, and was intended to assist the U.S. in its counter-bioterrorism efforts. Unfortunately, Europe has become the home to a tragedy that has roused the beast.

The FBC has taken complete control of the biohazard outbreak in Terragrigia, and has in effect barred the participation of other countries.

Terragrigia is an aquapolis that was developed jointly by U.S. and European teams to research and develop alternative energy sources. The impetus behind the city's development was twofold: the Europeans wanted to halt climate change, and the Americans hoped to develop energy sources for Africa. To that end the city was placed strategically in the Mediterranean Sea.

Terragrigia has enjoyed cooperative administration by both sides, and has been held up as a model of successful U.S.-European cooperation.

The terrorist attack in Terragrigia has put the kibosh on that.

According to conditions stipulated in the treaty outlining Terragrigia's governance, both the U.S. and Europe have equal authority during a terrorist attack. Only "during the event of bioterrorism" does the FBC assume a leadership role.

The FBC was formed with the express purpose of dealing with threats posed by bioterrorism. They have a crack squad of soldiers on permanent standby, and by that measure, they have the most expansive charter of any organization in Europe. During a time of crisis, they have the blessing of the U.S. to take charge and control the situation.

And that is how the FBC came to be in charge of the current chaos in Terragrigia. FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale has announced that EU involvement will not be tolerated while his organization deals with the crisis.

European authorities pressed Lansdale to respect their rights in this matter, and they were able to convince him to bring in Commander Clive R. O'Brian of the BSAA, a well respected international civilian group. The problem, however, is even though O'Brian himself is a bioterrorism expert, he is working with virtually no support staff, which limits the scope of actions he can take.

While the story on the tragedy is still unfolding, it would seem that the FBC is ignorant of the extent of the suffering in Terragrigia.

Whether Lansdale has the ability and the intelligence to handle this attack without becoming a Yeatsean beast also remains to be seen.

The FBC's charter rules and misson statement.

The FBC's Charter

The FBC's Charter

The Federal Bioterrorism Commission was founded by the U.S. government to be the enforcing agency of the guidelines set forth in the National Species Protection Act.

This document outlines the FBC's charter and the responsibilities of its members.

The FBC is charged with protecting the United States and her interests from biological threats. Our organization will work with other countries and their respective wildlife protection organs to guard public health. As such, we are tasked with ensuring the biological safety of the public at large.

The duties of all FBC members include the research, training, and support of the biological community. Policies will be fomented on a needs-only basis, with any additional budget expenditures and extraordinary activities being approved by a plenary session of the Wildlife Protection Committee.

The FBC chair is selected by the Wildlife Protection Committee. The chair's duties include complete oversight of the FBC and coordination of all activities with respective U.S. Cabinet officials. The FBC chair is the final overseer of the National Animal Protection Community.

All members of the National Animal Protection Community are entitled to request help from the chair, including the Secretaries of State and Defense, and the Director of National Intelligence. However, the chair has final authority on all matters of national biological safety.

Explanation of the ship's layout for the crew.

Ship Layout

Ship Layout

For all staff and crew

The Queen Zenobia is a pleasure cruise liner that provides world-class service with the comfort of a luxury hotel for our passengers. This ship offers numerous services and facilities for our guests.

As a representative for this ship, it is your job to be familiar with all the facilities that can be found here.

The following list outlines some of the major facilities on this ship. Please reach each one carefully.

Promenade Hall

Boasting an area of 1500 m2, the ship's promenade hall has three floors, and is more spacious than any other ship in the world. The interior is done in a Gothic style, with ceilings covered in chandeliers. Its beauty and style rivals that of the finest opera houses.


The ship's casino can be found next to the promenade hall. All kinds of gaming pleasures await our guests, including card games and slot machines. Everything guests would expect from a casino can be
found here 24 hours a day.

Restaurants and Shops

The promenade hall has designer goods and brand-name stores from all over the world. Guests can relax at our many restaurants and bars. There are also shops that cater to our guests every day needs.

Emergency Communication Room

There is an emergency communication room next to the promenade that can be used as a safety point during an emergency. Crew can also use this room to transmit an emergency distress call should the need arise.


The shuttered glass of the solarium overlooks the world's largest on-board swimming pool. This romantic spot has been a favorite destination for many of our passengers. Be on the lookout for couples who sneak in after hours.

A scribbled message found in one of the passenger cabins.

Discarded Message

Discarded Message

Oh, God, please help me.
This can't be happening. Don't leave me to die in this hell. I'm trapped here!
They're monsters here! Real ones!
Everyone's dead or dying...
There are no survivors...
Shit, we're all going to die!

Part of the literature detailing the history of the Queen Zenobia.

History of the Queen Zenobia

History of the Queen Zenobia

Tonnage: 148,000 gross tons
Displacement: 90,000 tons
Length: 335.8 m
Beam: 52.3 m
Height: 93.97 m
Propulsion: Electric diesel propulsion
Crew: 1094 officers and crew
Passengers: 2200

This Paraguas Line flagship was constructed in 1978. The interior is designed to replicate that of ships of the 1930s, the "golden age of cruise ships." The design was based on blueprints left by George Trevor before his disappearance. Newspapers from the time of the ship's construction report accolades the design received.

The ship herself is named after Zenobia, the queen of the Palmyrene Empire who was deposed by the Romans. Like the legendary beauty of her namesake, this ship is also known as "The Beauty of the Atlantic," and remained one of the most popular cruise ships built in the 20th century.

With the rise of air travel supplanting the popularity of long, sea-faring voyages, it looked like the Queen Zenobia, along with her sister ship, was destined to be junked in the late 80s.

Fortunately, she was purchased by the Paraguas Line and her steam turbines were replaced with an electric diesel propulsion system. Her hold and cabin areas were expanded, and she was upgraded with the latest technology. The Queen Zenobia was reborn as a fully functioning luxury liner.

After its restoration, the Queen Zenobia set out on a cruise around the world, followed by one around South America, and many, many others. In the future, she will find her main harbor in the Mediterranean for her cruises around Africa. The Queen Zenobia will be bringing pleasure to passengers for years to come.

The History of the Queen Zenobia
1995 Edition

A note found in room 303. Likely written by one of the crew.

Note Found in Room 303

Note Found in Room 303

What the hell is going on!? Monsters are crawling all over the ship! They're tearing it to pieces.

I've never seen monsters like this. Their movements are stiff, stilted, but it's all over if they get a hold of you.

Those piece-of-shit monsters ate my friend Hasan. Bastards.

I used my gun to frighten them off, giving me time to get the hell out of there. The bullet went straight through its arm, thank Good. These monsters have bones like an old woman.

There's nowhere left to run now. Damn monster twisted my leg good.

Hell... I've run out of ammo, too. God only knows how I'm going to survive this.

A hastily written note by the ship's Communication Officer.

Emergency Communications Room Note

Note Left in Front of the Emergency Communications Room

This is the emergency communication room. No one gets in without my permission, and not without my key! If you want it, come find me at my usual spot on the promenade deck.

Your comms officer

(There's a message scrawled underneath.)

This is crap. This ship is crawling with freaks and monsters. I'm going to the promenade, cause at least I can find food there.

Anyone who's still alive can meet me up there. You know where to find me. I am not going out like that, I can promise you that. Hope I'm not the only survivor.

Your friendly neighborhood comms officer

The Communication Officer's Journal.

Communication Officer's Journal

Communication Officer's Journal

Day 1
I made the right decision coming up to the promenade. I've got food and beverages to last me a long time. I can still here those things out there, clawing on my door or looking for prey. Too bad they ain't getting in here!

I have no idea if anyone else is still alive, but I know I'm going to make it through this alright.

Day 2
Shit! Those damn things got through the air ducts! But I put them all down before they could could do any real damage.

I've trained for this, and I trained hard. Hats off to me.
Good thing I was up when it happened. No more deep sleeps for me.

Day 3
After yesterday's surprise party, I haven't been able to sleep a wink. My nerves are frayed. I wish I wasn't the only one here.

Pretty tired today. Don't feel well. I better not get sick. I shouldn't move.

Need to conserve energy. Just hang in there.

I think this is Day 4.
I got a fever.
Hope those monsters don't find me like this. I'm so out of it. Am I infected? Is it just a cold?

There's a big lump on my head. It hurts. Wish I had someone to talk to. So alone.

How many days is it?
I found someone to talk to. So happy. He's very funny. Tells lots of jokes. Lots. They're funny. I laugh...laugh
His face is too close... In my face...

He thinks so too
No room to move
Had a fight
He wanted all the foods
He was eating meat... Good, tasty meat
I saw his face... Chewing... Eating
No meat for me... Looked tasty...
His head looks tasty...

cant move
me not me
who is me
help please help
mayday maydayyyyyyy

maaaa aa aa aaa y
daaaaaaaaaa a aaay

meat meat
eat eat eaty


Report left for the cleaning staff.

Cleaning Report for Next-On-Duty

Cleaning report for next-on-duty

(There are notes hand-written in the "Comments" column of the report.)

March 25th
There were some kind of barnacles sticking to the bottom of the pool Don't know where they came from. Please take care of them.

March 30th
The barnacles are back again. Looks like they are grouping together into a little colony. Maybe they are a new species? Might be fun to keep some as a pet.

April 10th
Looks like the pipe that distributes the water was damaged. It was fixed, but there's a chance there was some contamination on this end. The guy in charge of security wasn't very happy. Maybe it has something to do with the new species of barnacle?

April 12th
Yikes. That's no new species of barnacle, that's for sure.

(The report ends here.)

Safety procedures the crew must follow in case of an emergency.

Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures

Because this vessel was involved in a prior accident, safety standards that go beyond those outlined in the Maritime Safety Act have been introduced.

All crew must read and study this manual to be prepared to act in case of an emergency.

1. The Queen Zenobia has two unique power generators.

If the main power generator should fail, the back-up generator in the bilge will compensate for its loss and supply the entire ship with operating power.

2. This ship contains vertical and horizontal bulkheads that automatically divert water in case of flooding.

In the event of an emergency, the bulkheads can be operated by the control system in the bilge. This system will continue to operate even after sustaining minimal damage.

Report by a casino staff member about the VIP room.

Casino Staff's Report

Casino Staff's Report

I finally found out how to bypass the security on the VIP room.

That room's reserved for all the high rollers, so I've always been curious what goes on in there.

It's so easy. All you have to do is feed coins to the casino girl next to the door and you can bypass any security.

You have to hit the precise weight -- 107 grams. A small price to pay for access to the VIP room.

A message left for a friend the writer will never see again.

A Scribbled Memo

A scribbled memo

Dearest friend,

I am at my wits end. I am sorry, but I must go on ahead. They are sleeping, but they will wake up eventually. Now's my chance. Just thinking about them makes my hair stand on end...

Their ugly bodies are not of this world; their stench, like rotting organs; and their screams, like echoes from Hell itself. I'm so frightened that I can't stop shaking. even now, as I write this.

Be careful -- the bloated blisters on the walls are their eggs. They can regenerate from them.

Please don't think that I've abandoned you. I did it for my family.

I will pray for your safety.

A note found in the room Chris was imprisoned in.

Mysterious Instructions

Mysterious Instructions

(It looks like a message.)

It is essential that we carry out out mission as expeditiously as possible after boarding the Queen Zenobia.

Our two targets will be here soon, but they must not compromise the mission.

Take appropriate actions; don't overreact.

1. Securing the Room
Find the most accessible room in the crew's quarters and secure it.

Intel indicates there could be B.O.W. activity on the ship. Act with extreme caution at all times.

2. Materials
The spy props you were given are meant to be used to sow confusion among our targets. Follow the instructions for where to distribute them around the room. After that, leave the room immediately. (Do not leave any traces of your presence!)

The main point of this mission is to mislead the targets, so it must be carried out quickly and stealthily.

Do not let the targets see you. Do not engage or fire upon them. Your primary concern should be your concealment. Leave everything else to me.

A message left by the injured Rachael.

Anonymous Note

(No clues as to who left this note)

I was forced on this mission. I had no desire to come here for a job that could get me killed. At any rate, stage one is complete.

I got the key for the freight lift. Now I can access the bilge.

This ship was used as the base of operations for the terrorist attack on Terragrigia one year ago. I found the UAV in the ship's foredeck that was used to disperse the virus.

Finding the UAV was good; getting attacked out of nowhere by an ugly monster was bad. I knew this mission would suck from the moment I took it.

My head feels like it's going to split open.I lost an eye already. It's hard to see. I feel like crap.

Arms are starting to feel weird too.

My right arm split into two.

Blood all over my body, can see my bones

need doctor bad

(The writing is obscured by blood.)

Suicide note left by a man who had lost all hope.

Suicide Note

Suicide Note

(The writing is small and shaky.)

It's the end of the line for me. I only have one bullet left. Lot of good that'll do me in a fight. Nope, that bullet's all for me. So long, everybody. It was a good ride while it lasted.

Piece of a manifesto for the terrorist group Veltro.

Piece of a Manifesto

(It looks like a piece of a manifesto.)

Destiny, and I do not mean to sound flippant, is made before we even get a say, and is the will of a higher power.

The impure will not be cursed; it is their destiny to be torn apart by the fangs of the hounds.

I cannot spare sympathy for the victims of this world: they are the ones who created it. It is the same world that robbed this dog of its bite.

No longer will I howl; I will sharpen my fangs. No longer will I roar; I will sharpen my claws. All our comrades are waiting for the time when they may sacrifice themselves to the cause. Only the hounds are pure of purpose, and it is only they who may purge the world.

We do not hunt alone. We hunt in packs. We are Veltro.

Earl Brinvico

Memo written by one of the ship's engineers.

Memo Left in the Engine Room

Memo Left in the Engine Room

Timing is needed to restore power. Two keys must be used at the same time.

Just in case, I put the restart key "you know where"...

Know where I'm talking about? You don't? Geez, you really need to "get it in gear"!

Report filed on the ship's steam pipe repairs.

Steam Pipe Maintenance Report

Steam Pipe Maintenance Report

To All Maintenance Staff

One of the covers came off of the pipes in the bilge passageway, and now there's steam pouring out of it.

The steam is scalding, so you'll have to do a little work around to get by it.

In the engine room there are two levers.

Use the levers to match the needle on the meter to the proper letters. This will stop the steam from spilling out of the pipe.

The letters and corresponding locations are as follows:

A: Maintenance Room
B: Engine room, upper level
C: Engine room, lower level

Remember if you stop the steam from leaking in one area, it will leak out of another.

Keep this in mind when adjusting the needle and using the relevant areas.

A Veltro agent's journal entry from before the attack on Terragrigia.

Veltro Agent's Journal 1

Veltro Agent's Journal 1


We are at last putting our final plan into action. Jack Norman, our leader and brother in arms, came up with this plan. When we first heard it, we had our doubts that it could even be pulled off. But now the time has come to enact this extraordinary plan thanks to the steel will of our comrades and the one who supported out ideals with his power and influence. He has prepared these ships for our use. These luxury liners are symbols of the degradation of humanity, and will be fitting vessels for the distribution of the virus that will purge humanity. I have been assigned the task of boarding the Queen Zenobia for our mission

Bernard Corti

2004 - 12 hours until mission start

My body's trembling, and I can't stop it. It could be the excitement or fear, or both. Strange biological organisms created by the virus are milling around the secret lab in the bilge. The virus can be dissolved in water, so anyone who drinks the water will turn into a monster.
The Hunter-type B.O.W. was infected off site, and will spread the virus on land. The decadent eyesore that is the floating city will soon be turn into a veritable hell on Earth.

We must bring hell to the people, or the scales will not fall from their eyes. That is how Norman phrased it. If that grizzled financier of ours believes in Norman, then we who serve him must do so as well.

Bernard Corti

Record of development for the B.O.W. Scarmiglione.

"Scarmiglione" Development Document

"Scarmiglione" development document

Scarmiglione is a B.O.W. that utilizes the well-suited DNA of a shark.

The genetic make-up of sharks has changed very little during their history as predators for millions of years, and the use of that DNA provides the fierce aggression in these weapons.

The Scarmiglione's form and color resembles that of its shark ancestors, and its spiny appendages resemble lances.

The spines are a characteristic of cartilaginous fish. They form when an area of placoid scales mutate and combine with hardened muscle fiber. This allows the creatures to use piercing attacks and move with as much agility as land animals.

On top if this, the scales are as strong as an armored car, far surpassing the scales of a normal shark.

This gives them unparalleled frontal defenses.

Research notes on the Abyss virus.

Researching the Deep-Sea Virus

Researching the Deep-Sea Virus

Montpellier Marine University conducted research via unmanned submersible during the fourth expedition to the Kermadec Trench. At 9000 meters, a new type of super deep-sea predatory fish was discovered.

The deep seas have a unique effect on living organisms. But this creature, in addition to the usual tolerance to high pressures, displays an unbelievable degree of motility and a ferocity not usually found at such depths.

What surprised us after examining the fish was that these unique traits were not native to the fish's biology, but were caused by a viral infection.

Owing to the unfathomable nature of this virus, we decided to give it the name "The Abyss." We will continue to research it. We must find out why it takes the large fat and water reserves of deep-sea fish, which are suited to the high-pressure, low-oxygen, low-temperature depths, and turns them into high-density bone and muscle structures that are not usually found in organisms who live in deep-water habitats.

If we can successfully develop a working B.O.W., we will have moved research in this field light years ahead. It is important to note blood transmission of the virus happens in 99.76% of all cases to date.

In rare cases some test subjects do not become infected if they take the virus orally, perhaps because it is diluted.

We will do all we can to improve the effectiveness of this virus and redouble our efforts.

(The rest of the paper is faded and illegible.)

Announcement of the completions of the T-Abyss virus.

Completion of New-Type Virus

Completion of New-Type Virus

The T-Abyss virus contains genetic material from both the Abyss and the T-Virus. In and of itself it is not much of a threat, but it has allowed us to lay the groundwork for the study of weaponized marine viruses. I fear, however, that my name will someday be known for assisting with the production of the world's most terrible weapon.

If a concentrated liquid form of the virus were to be released in a large enough area of the sea, our data indicate that it would contaminate all of the world's oceans in a very short time, starting with bacteria at the point of contamination and then causing a chain reaction that would impact all forms of sea life.

Once the T-Abyss virus contaminates an area of the sea, it will cause mutations at the genetic level to all forms in the area. It would be impossible to predict the severe ecological impact on humanity.

I have doubts as to whether the research I'm doing here is actually to prevent bioterrorism and biohazard outbreaks.

A Veltro agent's journal entry from after the attack on Terragrigia.

Veltro Agent's Journal 2

Veltro Agent's Journal 2

2004: Mission Elapsed Time 2+ Days

The mission was a success. Terragrigia is now a full-blown hell on Earth. We unleashed the ultimate virus to rend the city with terror and violence. The FBC sent its soldiers, but they were like lambs before lions.

We have achieved our goal! The world will know that they do not have to wait for hell: it's already here! Open your eyes, world! Open your eyes to the truth!

Bernard Corti

2004: Mission Elapsed Time 5+ Days

This ship has been contaminated. The virus has turned my comrades into horrible monsters, and these monsters turn everyone else into monsters! Why is this happening? We were going to bring hell to the masses, not have hell brought to us!

The same thing is happening at the Semiramis. The virus has contaminated all the ships. It cannot be a coincidence! Someone was using us all along.

But who? None of us would ever betray Veltro. The only one who would do this is our mysterious financier. He's the only one who's not here. Norman! We need your guidance! Deliver us from this evil

(The rest of the paper is missing.)

Record of development for the B.O.W. Malacoda.

Malacoda Development Materials

Malacoda Development Materials

The development of codename: Malacoda happened by pure chance.

We were infecting various species of fish with the T-Abyss virus as part of our research into marine-based B.O.W.s. By chance, one of the test subjects was contaminated with parasites.

The parasite is Gyrodactylus salaris, a small monogenean ectoparasite. When T-Abyss is used to infect the host, it not only affects the host, but the parasite as well. The unique mutations formed by the dual infections have allowed us to improve our overall B.O.W. development.

A larval Malacoda is only about 1 cm in length. Because it is so small, it can be used as a parasite to infect the host by secreting a liquid that contains the virus. The parasite mutates inside the host and matures rapidly. Perhaps the synergistic effect of the T-Abyss and the secretion causes an increase to the metabolism of the organism.

The size to which the Malacoda can develop is contingent upon the size of the host. While clinical tests have yet to be carried out, if a whale were to be used as the host, there's no limit to the size Malacoda could assume.

Infection log for Queen Zenobia as recorded by one researcher.

Infection Log for Queen Zenobia

Infection Log for Queen Zenobia

Researcher: Ryan
ID: 503321


After the final note was played in the tragedy known as the Terragrigia Panic, we seized the ship and began to carry out our mission quickly and secretly.

The Regia Solis destroyed the city. Now this ship is the only place where we can observe the spread and mutation of the T-Abyss along with ancillary research. This is the perfect environment to conduct research, and we must make the most of it.

The only setback is the hosts infected with the T-Abyss virus. This will make research very difficult for us. It will not last long as a place of research and science before the entire place is overwhelmed with creatures. We must act quickly.


Our research on the virus has proceeded rather smoothly, and we were able to develop a proper vaccine. With all our goals accomplished, there is no longer any need for the ship. We have decided to abandon it.

A few members of our team did not survive long enough to see this moment, but that is the cost of doing research.

When we told Lansdale about our breakthrough with the vaccine, he showed uncharacteristic felicity.

(There is something scribbled in after an area where pages are torn out.)

As soon as the research data was sent, the doors to the facility were shut and the B.O.W.s awakened from their cryogenic sleep.

I don't understand how I could have missed seeing that Veltro wasn't the only disposable pawn in all of this... Almost funny, really.

I see now that it was he who arranged for all these things to come to pass. He gave the terrorists the T-Abyss virus, which led to the Terragrigia Panic. That gave us lots of valuable data on infection, which led to the eventual development of the vaccine.

And thanks to his position of authority, he used the Regia Solis to eradicate the virus, the terrorists, and all the fools in that city. Any traces or links to us vanished with it. The end result, however, is that the world is now afraid of the virus, and the FBC's charter has been strengthened and expanded.

I am awestruck with the degree of perfection with which Lansdale orchestrated all these events. This is one for the history books to be sure.

Hopefully, the demand for this vaccine will bring the rest of us the accolades and riches we so justly deserve.

(The rest of the scribble is illegible.)

Journal entry by the man who was pursuing Lansdale.

Mysterious Journal

Mysterious Journal

He's finally made his move. I don't even know how long I've been waiting for this.

My mission is the key to success. It's the reason why I've given up so much already.

In order to get incontrovertible evidence to use against Morgan, I had to bring Veltro back to life.

I thought this plan was weak -- dangerous even -- when O'Brian first brought it to me, but we couldn't figure out any alternative that would work.

We set up a fake base of operations for Veltro in the mountains of northern Europe, and then we spread rumors of a big op Veltro was planning to the BSAA.

When the BSAA began their investigation, Morgan started to panic. Those spies of his must have tipped him off.

Morgan is very careful and he's suspicious by nature. I suspect that everything went well because we didn't leak the news of Veltro directly to the FBC.

It's like the saying goes: be careful of the web you weave.

I was able to hijack the Queen Zenobia before Veltro could do anything to it. Even still, I could not find anything to link Morgan to his illegal activities. As such, it has come time to become more proactive in this mission.

I must bring the BSAA agents here, and then disguise myself in order to deceive them into thinking that Veltro has managed to survive.

Any of Morgan's spies in the BSAA will try to contact him, and that's when we'll get our chance.

According to O'Brian's report, Morgan's dogs already attacked the fake base we set up.

The parameters of this mission are quite fluid, and, as such, leave lethal options on the table.

I will do whatever it takes to see this mission through, even if it costs me my life.

Newspaper article about the FBC's Morgan Lansdale.

Daily Courier Article 2

Daily Courier Article 2

London Daily Courier
Who Commands the General?
By Donatello Luzzaschi

Is he just a shadowy figure manipulating events from off stage? Or is he a hero leading the charge against bioterrorism?

Anyone who has heard of General Morgan Lansdale give a speech will be immediately struck by his intelligence and keen insight.

That charisma that charms his audiences served him well in the cloak-and-dagger world of international espionage he occupied for many years.

He was able to charm Congress into expanding the charter of his group to find and deal with bioterrorist threats.

Which brings us to today: Lansdale not only commands the FBC, but also the Federal Species Protection Committee. He refuses to give up either of these posts.

Lansdale created the FBC to handle bioterrorism. The organization is a major player on the international stage of public safety and animal welfare, and that is all thanks to Lansdale.

But the question remains: Is he a hero or a monster? Only time will tell.

An excerpt from Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia.

Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia

Dante Alighieri's La Divine Commedia.
An offering to the dead.

(A passage has been underlined.)

Howl the rain maketh them like unto dogs;
One side they make a shelter for the other;
Oft turn themselves the wretched reprobates.

Dante Alighieri's La Divine Commedia.
Inferno Canto VI

(There is something written at the edge of the page in sloppy handwriting.)

Those who offer their lives to the doctrine, forever walk the path with the great Jack Norman.