Mysterious Instructions

A note found in the room Chris was imprisoned in.

Game Resident Evil Revelations
Category File
Image of Mysterious Instructions


Mysterious Instructions

(It looks like a message.)

It is essential that we carry out out mission as expeditiously as possible after boarding the Queen Zenobia.

Our two targets will be here soon, but they must not compromise the mission.

Take appropriate actions; don't overreact.

1. Securing the Room
Find the most accessible room in the crew's quarters and secure it.

Intel indicates there could be B.O.W. activity on the ship. Act with extreme caution at all times.

2. Materials
The spy props you were given are meant to be used to sow confusion among our targets. Follow the instructions for where to distribute them around the room. After that, leave the room immediately. (Do not leave any traces of your presence!)

The main point of this mission is to mislead the targets, so it must be carried out quickly and stealthily.

Do not let the targets see you. Do not engage or fire upon them. Your primary concern should be your concealment. Leave everything else to me.


Image of Store Room - Crew Quarters Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

Store Room - Crew Quarters Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

  • Episode 4-1 onwards. On a table in the south west corner of the room.