Chris Redfield

At the start of the game, Chris is working with a newer BSAA agent, Jessica. However, Chris retains a deep connection with his old partner Jill. After the "Mansion Incident", Chris became obsessed with stopping Umbrella's worldwide terrorist operations. They succeeded, and with Umbrella in ruins, Chris and Jill went on to become founding members of the BSAA.

Jill Valentine

In 1998, Jill Valentine was a member of the Raccoon City first-response team S.T.A.R.S. While searching for missing S.T.A.R.S. team members, she and Chris uncovered horrible secrets hiding in a mansion nested deep in the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City. During this incident, which became known as the "Mansion Incident", Jill and Chris bonded as close friends. When operating together, they make an unstoppable team.

Parker Luciani

Before working with the BSAA, Parker Luciani worked with the government organization FBC. Assigned to security during the infamous Terragrigia incident, Parker was on the last helicopter out before the island utopia was destroyed. Parker is a pragmatic soldier who has been through a lot over the years. He has a long history with Jessica, who was also in the FBC during the Terragrigia incident.

Jessica Sherawat

Jessica is currently partnered with Chris, for whom she has developed a crush. Unfortunately for her, Chris consistently brushes aside her advances. Having worked with Parker in the past, she seems more comfortable having casual relationships with her partners. For a BSAA agent, Jessica appears very interested in fashion. The uniforms she uses in the game have been heavily modified to emphasize her figure. These mods are possibly an attempt to better draw Chris' attention.

Raymond Vester

Raymond Vester was a rookie FBC agent during the Terragrigia attacks. He has a history with both Parker and Jessica. His current loyalties are unknown.

Rachael Foley

Rachael Foley and her partner Raymond were sent to the Queen Zenobia as part of their mission to investigate. Little is known about Rachael, as you never get to see her alive. She was attacked and infected by two Oozes whilst she was exploring the ship. Shortly afterwards the T-Abyss Virus mutated her into an extremely powerful creature.

Keith Lumley

BSAA agent Keith Lumley prefers to go by his codename "Grinder". He uses special kukri weapons instead of the standard BSAA-issue combat knife. In the game, Keith is teamed up with Quint Cetcham. Keith is a light-hearted but dedicated agent who is very supportive of his oddball partner. Though he's aware of his partner's talents and potential as a BSAA agent, he is often frustrated by Quint's constant references to pop culture.

Quint Cetcham

BSAA agent Quint Cetcham goes by the telling codename "Jackass". Quint specializes in hacking and is an expert at cracking computers. Despite his talents, he is held back by his quirky personality, which can occasionally interfere with the seriousness of BSAA operations. Quint would prefer to be relaxing at a desk and reading about internet conspiracies. But when duty calls, he's happy to take the field.

Clive R. O'Brian

Clive R. O'Brian is the director BSAA and has natural leadership skills. Clive's codename in the BSAA is "Forkball". You will meet Clive early in the game as he joins Parker and Jill to investigate a wash-up of mysterious B.O.W. organisms on a beach near Terragrigia.

Morgan Lansdale

Morgan Lansdale is the charismatic director of the FBC. Morgan s known for his tough leadership and his ruthless pragmatism. It was his decision in the Terragrigia panic to destroy the city to end the B.O.W. threat. He has a history with O'Brian, but it's unclear what their relationship is exactly.

Jack Norman

Jack Norman was the head of the bio-terrorist group known as Veltro. The attack on Terragrigia using B.O.W.'s was devised by Norman as an attempt to show the world that the Earth had become decadent and sinful. The BSAA receive a new threat from Norman after the boarding of the Queen Zenobia. This time, he threatens to contaminate 1/5 of the world's water with a new T-Virus variant called "T-Abyss". Norman eventually tries this new virus on himself, and mutates into a powerful monster.