Steam Pipe Maintenance Report

Report filed on the ship's steam pipe repairs.

Game Resident Evil Revelations
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Image of Steam Pipe Maintenance Report


Steam Pipe Maintenance Report

To All Maintenance Staff

One of the covers came off of the pipes in the bilge passageway, and now there's steam pouring out of it.

The steam is scalding, so you'll have to do a little work around to get by it.

In the engine room there are two levers.

Use the levers to match the needle on the meter to the proper letters. This will stop the steam from spilling out of the pipe.

The letters and corresponding locations are as follows:

A: Maintenance Room
B: Engine room, upper level
C: Engine room, lower level

Remember if you stop the steam from leaking in one area, it will leak out of another.

Keep this in mind when adjusting the needle and using the relevant areas.


Image of Upper Engine Room - Bilge Block Level 3 - Queen Zenobia

Upper Engine Room - Bilge Block Level 3 - Queen Zenobia

  • Episode 5-2 onwards. On the wall in the north west corner of the platform.