Game Resident Evil Revelations
Category Enemy
The Globster is a mysterious B.O.W.s that appears to be some sort of aquatic animal horrifically transformed by the T-Abyss Virus. You encounter these both on land and in the sea. Be sure to avoid them completely when they are in water, as they are capable of swallowing you whole. Their weak spot is their mouth on the underside of their body.


Beach - Beach

  • 1 Globster - The flesh mound near the large shed comes alive when approached.
  • 1 Globster - Bursts from the wooden shed after exploring the west side of the beach.

Power Room Maze - Lower Levels - Queen Dido

  • 1 Globster - Patrolling the north eastern passageway of the area.
  • 1 Globster - Patrolling the large room on the south side of the area.