Wall Blister

Game Resident Evil Revelations
Category Enemy
Wall Blisters are horrifying snail-like creatures that hibernate by sticking to walls and ceilings and hide within their invulnerable shells. When Wall Blisters are dormant, nothing can disturb them. When they wake, however, they immediately charge you with their giant tentacles flailing.


Solarium - Solarium - Queen Zenobia

  • 2 Wall Blisters - Attached to the ceiling in the passage from the elevator. One of them drops down when you visit this area in Episode 4.

Ventilation Tunnel 2 - Freight Lift Upper Level & Hold - Queen Zenobia

  • 2 Wall Blisters - One of them wakes up in Episode 6 and attacks.

Dining Hall 1F - Lower Cabins & Cafeteria - Queen Zenobia

  • 2 Wall Blisters - Episode 7.

Steam Corridor 2F - Emergency Passageway Upper Level - Queen Zenobia

  • 1 Wall Blister - Episode 10.