Town Majini

Majini are humans acting under the control of the parasitic bio-weapon "Las Plagas". As such, they will act only under the orders of a specific human. They have lost their personality and ability to reason, but maintain their human intelligence. This means they can communicate their basic ides through speech, wield tools and weapons, and employ group tactics.

The Town Majini are the people of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. They have been injected with the "Type 2 Plagas", an improved version of the originally-discovered European Las Plagas.


When enough damage is done to the host's body, the Plaga will suddenly mutate, and burst out from the neck. These particular Plagas seem to be the same species that inhabited the A-Type Ganados found in Europe. The Plaga body itself is weak to light, but possesses greater endurance and attack power than it did before its transformation. It can extend and retract freely to attack at long range from the hosts' neck.


When a Majini takes severe enough damage, the Plaga will sometimes spontaneously mutate and eject from the body as an independent creature. The name Kipepeo means "butterfly" in Swahili, and appropriately, these creatures are capable of flight. The Kipepeo flaps its four wing-like protrusions to fly, and while not very agile, boasts an extremely dangerous tail-whip attack. It is this attack that took down the Alpha Team's support helicopter.


These monsters are created when a Plaga infects a large dog. Brutal, savage creatures, they could hardly be called "man's best friend". From the outside, they resemble regular dogs, but cases have been confirmed wherein their heads split open to reveal the Plaga itself.Plaga-infested creatures carry some of the traits of their original species: in the case of dogs, they maintain their agility and ability to fight ferociously in tight quarters.


These Majini specialise in putting others to death. Their bodies bulge with muscle, and the use their amazing strength to wield a weapon made of a massive guillotine blade held in place with a chain.They use this makeshift axe to pass their gruesome "judgements". The job of the executioner Majini is to put to death any who reject Las Plagas.


A creepy B.O.W. encased in a mass of squirming tentacles, this unnamed Uroboros is the first that Chris and Sheva had to face. Jill created it while under the control of Wesker and Excella by injecting the Uroboros Virus into a man in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. It was used to destroy the Alpha Team who were sent in to capture Ricardo Irving. Its tentacle-like protrusions constantly gather and disburse, allowing it to easily squirm through small spaces. Its weak point is an orange core that sometimes reveals itself on its arm-like portion.

Big Man Majini

These large Majini are built like wrestlers, and use their overwhelming strength to crush their targets to death. They have greater endurance than the usual Majini: no matter how many times they fall, they will always get back up again. However, their intelligence and reasoning ability is lower than normal. The diffilculty they have in following orders makes them difficult to market as bio-weapons.

Chainsaw Majini

These tall Majini wear cloth bags over their heads. They speak few words and end to be lanky in stature. They are extremely resilient, however, and the threat they pose is increased exponentially by the chainsaw they wield. No target, no matter how strong, can survive even a single hit from these warriors.


Tricell created this creature by implanting a Plaga into a bat, hoping to create a B.O.W. that would be effective both in air and on land. In Swahili, "popo" means "bat", and "karimu" means "generous". The creature's flexible tail is the Plaga body itself, covered by a tough firearm-resistant carapace. The soft interior of the tail is vulnerable, but even on the ground it is clever enough to keep it away from would-be attackers. For its own attacks, it uses the glistening talons at the ends of its four limbs, as well as blows from its own body. It can also shoot a sticky substance from its tail to bind its prey.

Motorcycle Majini

Riding motorcycles and employing group tactics, these creatures are living proof of the devastating intelligence of the Majini. They also demonstrate impressive coordination, throwing molotov cocktails while in pursuit of their targets. The Majini who wear red shirts take a leader role among them, and have a higher endurance than usual.


These massive B.O.W.s were based on the data used in the creation of the "El Gigante" in Europe, and are the largest of the humanoid Plagas. A careful observer will notice that five Plagas have been implanted inside it, and the creature won't stop unless they're all destroyed. The multiple Plagas implanted inside of it grant an endurance far greater than standard Plaga creatures. Ndesu are ridiculously strong, as well, and can toss telephone poles and military vehicles with ease.

Wetlands Majini

These Majini come from members of the Ndipaya tribe who have been infested with Las Plagas. The Ndipaya are the native inhabitants of the wetlands surrounding Kijuju, the proud descendants of an ancient, highly civilized culture. The Ndipaya people were "vaccinated" with a new type of Plaga even further refined from the one used on the people of Kijuju. These "Type 3 Plagas" enacted changes in their DNA, causing these civilised folk to throw off their clothing, cover themselves in war paint, and take up the weapons of their ancestors. They are capable combatants with incredible jumping power and endurance.

Giant Majini

The improved "Type 3 Plagas" were still in their experimental stage when they were used on the people of Ndipaya. One unforeseen side effect of this usage was that some of the test subjects grew to heights of almost three metres. These Majini let out war cries to summon allies, and wield handmade maces mounted with spikes and decorated with what looks like human skulls. They boast greater offence and defence than the standard Wetland Majini.


A variant form of Plaga. It, too, bursts fourth from the body when the Majini takes enough damage, but unlike the Cephalo the Duvalia bursts out of the host's upper half, leaving the Majini's entire torso hanging uselessly below. The Duvalia is covered by a hard exoskeleton to protect the fragile parasite beneath. When it gets close, however, the exoskeleton retracts enough to reveal a mouth-like protrusion, which it uses to try to swallow its enemies.

Bui Kichwa

An alternative form of Plaga that ejects from the Majini's body to search out on its own. Similar cases of Plagas living outside of a host body were also reported in Europe. This species takes the form of a spider-like creature, with a pulsating abdomen that resembles a human organ. They'll draw near their prey and then spring, clinging with all their legs to ensnare their target. They always move in packs, and many will actually burrow under the ground, making them extremely difficult B.O.W.s to deal with.


Upon injecting himself with a parasite based on the dead control Plaga, Ricardo Irving transformed into this giant B.O.W. It resembles a fusion of several species of fish and molluscs. Despite its monstrous appearance, the creature is quite fast in the water; it can use its long tentacles to grab or strike its targets, or bite them with its oyster-like mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The rapidity of its mutation has resulted in numerous flaws in its outer shell, revealing a vulnerable core below.

Base Majini

These highly-skilled Majini have been organised into elite squadrons.Their main duty is to stand guard over the Tricell base. They have been given training that far surpasses normal Majini, and can skillfully wield handguns and grenades, in addition to heavier firepower like stun rods and rocket launchers. They can supplement their already high resilience with armour and shields, making them tough enemies to beat from any angle.

Licker beta

This refined version of the original Licker was created by Tricell researchers hoping to use the Progenitor Virus to improve upon the original design. The final product was still considered unsatisfactory, as the new Licker still has extremely poor eyesight, compensated only with the sensitive senses of hearing and smell. Just like its forbear back in Raccoon City, the Licker beta clings to walls and ceilings, and attacks its enemies with its long tongue and sharp claws.


This massive B.O.W. was produced as one stage of Tricell's Las Plagas bio-weapon research. It integrates DNA from several different species, crustaceans most prominently. Its durable armoured shell was proven in Tricell's tests to withstand even direct hits from anti-tank rocket launchers, but the rapidity of its mutation allows for faults in its armour which can prove to be a fatal flaw. The U in U-8's name stands for "Ultimate".


The Reaper resulted when a cockroach-like creature was infected with trace amounts of the Uroboros Virus, transforming it into a B.O.W. The creatures emerge from their cocoons mounted with blade-like protrusions on each of their arms, and it is from these "scythes" that the creature takes its name. A Reaper can use its blades to capture and fatally wound its prey, or spit out a caustic substance capable of causing temporary blindness. Its shell is hard enough to deflect standard bullets.

Uroboros Mkono

Chris and Sheva encounter this second Uroboros as they pursue Excella through the Tricell laboratory. The man injected with the virus at first shows signs of compatibility with it, as he seemed to keep it under control. In the end, however, he was not compatible, and went beserk in a fashion similar to the first Uroboros did. Mkono is much larger than the first Uroboros, but it shares its weaknesses: an exposed core and vulnerability to fire. "Mkono" is the Swahili word for "Arm".

Jill Valentine

Having been captured by Wesker, she was injected with Tricell's experimental "P30" drug which granted her superhuman abilities, but took away her free will. Now under the control of Wesker and Excella, she worked to oppose Chris and Sheva, wearing a mask and hood to hide her true identity.

Albert Wesker

In an attempt to prevent Chris and Sheva from spoiling his plans, he had n choice but to get his hands dirty and deal with them himself. His superhuman abilities and his lightning speed meant he could not be fought in a traditional way, as it is almost impossible to fire a gun at him and land a successful hit. Instead you have to play a game of hide and seek with him, wait until he has lost track of you, and surprise him with a few sneaky shots when he least expects it.

Gatling Gun Majini

Effectively the leader of the Base Majini, their trademark is the cigar and beret. The Gatling Gun Majini wears a gold necklace, a gold vest, and all of his teeth are gold. which suggests that he lived an extravagant life before becoming a host.

These extremely dangerous Majini run their enemies while firing their massive Gatling guns at full blast. Their amazing strength can be plainly seen by the way they carry the ammunition for the autocannon on their backs, and wield the massive gun barrel itself with ease.

Uroboros Aheri

This is the final form of Excella after Wesker injects her with the Uroboros Virus. "Adheri" comes from the Swahili word for "success" or "boundary".

The creature consumes the large pile of corpses on the deck; this is what triggers its immediate and incredible growth. Conventional weapons are nearly useless against it once it grows to this size. Its large exposed core glows with a soft luminescence, from which it fires an unlimited store of tentacle-like, independent organisms.

Uroboros Albert Wesker

When Wesker's original superhuman abilities were weakened through an overdose of the drug PG67A/W, he took the Uroboros Virus into his own body in a last resort to defeat Chris and Sheva.

The Uroboros's characteristic tentacles have fused together onto both of his arms, and metal pieces of debris from the virus container have adhered to his right arm, making it an even more lethal killing weapon. Wesker unleashes the full power of the Uroboros Virus while still keeping it under complete control. His agility is not to be underestimated, and his power and endurance are completely beyond anything Chris and Sheva have faced before.