J'avo are mutated soldiers that carry a variety of weapons and are found, often in groups, throughout China, Edonia, and inside Neo Umbrella facilities donning special military armour. J'avo have been mutated by the C-Virus, which makes them difficult to kill and capable of surviving multiple shots to the head.


After a J'avo is defeated, it will occasionally transform into a hard cocoon. If left alone, the cocoon will hatch into an advanced J'avo - a Strelat, Napad, Meset or Gnezdo! It is possible to destroy a chrysalid before it hatches, but due to their tough exterior it may take a lot of ammunition to do so.


This B.O.W. looks and moves like a lizard and generally appears after a J'avo has turned into a chrysalid cocoon. Strelats tend to attack from long range with needles that it emits from the fins around its neck. These projections move fast, but it's easy to see them coming - it emits steam from the fins around its neck before firing. To keep them from firing these projectiles at all, chase it down whenever it runs off.


This rare B.O.W. has a bird-like appearance and behaviour. The Mesets typically avoids confrontation by flying around your position and eventually diving in to attack.The attack cannot be countered, so you need to shoot it down before it gets a chance to attack.


The Nepad is a heavily armoured B.O.W. that is seemingly indestructible. Its attack are straightforward - it charges at you or punches you, both of which can be countered or easily avoided by staying out of its way. If the Nepad connects with a punch, it grabs you and slams you to the ground if you don't manage to break free. Put simply, stay out of its way.


This unique B.O.W. appears as a swarm of insects shaped like a human, but its true form is that of a large, bee-like insect. In battle, it hides within the swarm and only emerges when the swarm is dispersed after suffering a certain amount of damage.


This bulbous beast carries gas inside that can turn humans into zombies. If there are other humans nearby, it will navigate towards them and spew its blue gas onto them, transforming them into zombies. Shooting this creature in its body will cause it to spew grey gas, which causes damage at close range.


This giant snake B.O.W. has optic camouflage that makes it very difficult to see. However, dispatching this monster is fairly easy since it has only one attack that is very easy avoid. This Iluzija rears its head back, opening its mouth, and thus giving away its position before it charges at you.


This grotesque B.O.W. has a humanoid shape but can barely walk. Its only attack is to clumsily grab at you or your partner. If a Rasklapanje contacts you, your partner should immediately knock him off you. If you have no partner available or they're indisposed, be prepared to mash out of ts attack.


These tiny flying insect-like B.O.W.s are completely harmless on their own. However, when they detect you with its radar-like senses, it will alert Ustanak to your location. It is possible to sneak up behind these and dispose of them using a stealth attack without being spotted.


This humanoid B.O.W. has a chainsaw as an arm and is exceptionally deadly. In many stages, the Ubistvo cannot be killed and, as a result, must be avoided. Its chainsaw attack instantly kills you no matter how it hits you! Thankfully, Ubistvo's tactics are straightforward and easy to avoid.


This burly B.O.W. appears throughout Jake's campaign - like the classic Resident Evil enemy Nemesis - each time with a new tool of destruction attached to its arm. Many encounters with the Ustanak require that you simply run away or hide. But there are a few instances when you're forced to fight.


This enormous B.O.W. appears at the end of Chris' campaign and looks like an gigantic Rasklapanje but is vastly more lethal. This vicious monster is at times invincible and can only be damaged during specific stages. If he chases you, don't waste your ammunition, just focus on escaping.

Carla Radames

Carla mutates into a grotesque J'avo version that is practically invincible. When you first meet Carla, you have only one choice - escape. She spreads herself throughout the ship like an uncontrollable blob, blocking off corridors and spawning appendages to stop you escaping. She even has the ability to spawn copies of former self that will casually chase you down unless you destroy them before they catch you.


The original Resident Evil villain returns in its full, undead glory. The shambling undead generally try to get close and grab you. Some zombies carry melee and long-range weapons, but they are inaccurate and should be treated as any other zombie.


Upon death, red-eyed zombies occasionally mutate into these grotesque B.O.W.s. The Bloodshot is a skinless, humanoid creature that is faster than normal zombies but difficult to take down.


These B.O.W.s are highly dangerous but not because of their offensive strength. They have a powerful scream that calls zombies to your location. If you see a Shrieker, take it out as soon as possible to prevent it summoning more enemies.


This super-sized zombie isn't tricky or threatening but is durable and difficult to defeat. They require significant ammunition to take down and aren't easily thwarted by counter-attacks or martial arts.

Zombie Dog

After a long absence, this legendary Reisdent Evil mainstay returns, this time mutated from the C-Virus. These hounds of hell are easy to defeat, but are very quick and difficult to hit.


This shark-like creature chases Leon and Helena through the underground of the Cathedral and is nearly impossible to kill. You can't fight the Brzak, you can only run from it. Therefore do not bother wasting any ammunition on it.


This giant B.O.W. roams the streets of Edonia, looking for BSAA agents to crush. Despite its size, Ogroman is rather easy to beat, as long as you keep your distance. It can only attack with fist swipes and foot stomps, each of which you can avoid by staying far away.

Deborah Harper

Helena's younger sister, under the effects of the C-Virus, acts as a mid-boss for Leon's campaign and Ada's campaign. Deborah's humanoid form is practically invincible and cannot be damaged. Instead, you must target the glowing spots on the tentacles that she sprouts when she attacks. Heavy weaponry isn't necessary as these shatter easily with a few handgun shots.

Derek Simmons

Mutated by the C-Virus, the National Security Advisor serves as the final boss of Leon's campaign and Ada's campaign. Like many J'avo, Simmon's has the ability to transform, although he can transform into several giant beasts, including a centaur and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, each with its own unique abilities.