The zombie is the most common enemy in the game, the poor residents of Raccoon City who became infected with the T-Virus.

There are many different types of zombie in the game, from normal men and women, police officers, scientists, and test subjects.

The zombie is an easy enemy, as long as they're in small numbers. The Handgun is enough to keep them at bay. It's possible to decapitate one or many zombies with a single shotgun blast, simply aim up when they come into grabbing range, and fire.


Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
What seem like quite a comical name for a monster, there's nothing funny about these once you encounter them for the first time. The name comes from its incredibly long tongue, and it can use this to whip at you from a distance while it crawls around on all fours on the floor, walls and ceiling to avoid your bullets. These creatures supposedly started off as regular Zombies, but further mutation caused their muscle mass to increase and literally burst through their skin, and their fingernails to transform into full-on claws.

These enemies to have one weakness, and that is they are blind. So if you walk rather than run before they've realised you're in the room, it's possible to sneak up on them and get a surprise attack in. They are best tackled with either the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher.

Zombie Dog

The zombie dog, unlike the Cerberus, was not an experiment, but more of an accident. When exposed to the T-Virus, the creature mutates. However, the movements and attacks are practically identical to that of the Cerberus.

The easiest way to deal with these dogs is by using the handgun. Wait until they come at you, and fire a single shot. Wait until they stagger to their feet and prepare to pounce, then fire again. Keep repeating until they're dead. The problems come when you're surrounded, as their jumping bite attacks could be fatal if delivered one after the other constantly.


Larger and more aggressive than normal, these birds will sit patiently unless they consider you a threat. It seems these crows feasted on a corpse infected with the virus, and driven them to act like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock novel.

You won't encounter crows very often during the game. Its better just to avoid them, however if you do want to take them down, don't use anything larger than the Handgun.

Marvin Branagh (Zombie)

Marvin Branagh, the R.P.D. officer who was wounded by zombies eventually becomes one himself. He acts just like a regular Zombie except his movement is much faster, perhaps due to his past life as a trained police officer. Do him a favour and put him out of his misery as quickly as possible.

G-Type Adult

This is a fully grown G-Type Young, which is essentially the product of a G-Embryo that has rejected its host for gestation due to DNA incompatibility. The adult has an interesting characteristic as it becomes a carrier for even more young, spewing them forth from its mouth. Whether these offspring also have the ability to grow into adults is unknown.

You fight this creature in close quarters, and with its young crawling across the floor you have multiple targets to deal with. The best strategy is try to ignore the smaller offspring and just focus your attention on the adult mother, unloading your most powerful weapons into it until it's a pile of goo. The Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher are the best weapons to use in this fight.

G-Type Young

This is the result of a host becoming infected with G-Embryo from the monster known as G. Unfortunately it is also the result of the G-Embryo being rejected by the host due to incompatibility with its DNA, which results in a very savage and gory escape from the body, usually resulting in the hosts body being split in two.

After a short period of time it grows into its full form known as G-Type Adult.

Large Roach

Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
These are ordinary cockroaches that have become exposed to the T-Virus, making them far more aggressive. Despite only encountering them a couple of times during the game they should be feared. If you find yourself surrounded by these pests do your very best to escape to the nearest door or ladder, as they hit you with tiny little bites over and over again which will drop your health at an incredible rate.

Giant Spider

These spiders of awesome size were created when an ordinary arachnid was exposed to the leaked T-Virus. These venomous eight-legged monsters can surprise you when they suddenly land in front of you with their ability to walk on walls and ceilings, but their presence within a room can be known to you if you listen out for their low-bass thumping noise as the scurry around.

Despite their size they are surprisingly quick. Using the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher are good choice when it comes to disposing of these and keeping them at bay.

Giant Alligator

Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
A normal alligator that has grown to enormous size, big enough to swallow you whole. Most likely a pet of a resident of Raccoon City, who flushed it down the toilet. Now in the virus infected passages of the Sewers, it got infected, and emerged as this monster.

There are two ways of killing this creature, either go in with guns blazing, filling it full of everything you've got, until you're backed up against the wall. Eventually you will scare it away, until Scenario B where you have to fight it again. Using the same tactic in the second scenario will kill it. Alternatively, about halfway along the corridor there's a switch on the wall to release a high-pressure gas canister. If you release it when the alligator is chasing you, it will eventually end up in its mouth. Fire a shot from any weapon to blow its head clean off.

Evolved Licker

Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
These are Lickers that have undergone even further mutation from being locked in the Underground Laboratory for so long. They are much more resilient to attack than the regular Licker, and their claws have evolved into much larger more dangerous ones.

The same tactics can be used against these as their predecessors, however keeping your distance is also advised due to the swiping range of their new claws and their wicked tongue.


This collection of vines poses very little threat, but they will attempt to attack you if you get to close, causing minor damage.

There are two ways to get rid of these, either light the flammable fluid surrounding the vent area with your Lighter, or use the Flamethrower or Grenade Launcher with the Flame Rounds to destroy the vines. Once gone, you can climb through the vent into the next room.


Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
Based on the research conducted at the Arklay Mansion Laboratory, these T-Virus plants now have the ability to walk around on their leg-like vines. Getting too close to these Triffid-inspired monsters will cause them to lash out with their vines to whip you. Not only that, but they also have the ability to spit an acid at you that will stun you and cause a fair amount of damage.

Using either Flamethrower or Grenade Launcher with the Flame Rounds is the best way to deal with these mobile shrubs.

Poison Ivy

Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
These are regular Ivy's that have been exposed to the p-Epsilon gas and have undergone further mutation to adapt themselves to the new environment. These plants act similar to the Ivy, but with the addition that its acid spits now have the ability to poison you, making them far more dangerous.


A giant larvae of the Giant Moth.

These little creatures pose little threat to you. There's only one instance of where you have to kill them, and that's to access the computer in the Computer Room.

Giant Moth

Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
A huge moth that has made its home inside the Underground Laboratory. This insect is certainly more of a pest than a threat as it tries to attack you with its oversized body.

The Enhanced Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher are the best weapons to use in this fight. Only a few blasts from each is enough to dispose of this bothersome creature.


The first mutation of the creature known as G, formally William Birkin.

In this form he still partly resembles his former self. The main characteristic is its overly large arm. This was due to the G-Virus overcompensating for a specific injury and mutating in an uncontrolled fashion, in this case it was the bullet-riddled arm when Birkin was shot by the Umbrella forces coming to steal his research. Additionally, the G-Virus has one consistent mutation pattern in all the hosts it infects, and that is the presence of a large eye, presumably its own method of vision at this stage.

When you do battle against it, it is best to avoid that large arm by keeping a good distance between yourself and the large metal pipe it holds as a weapon. Unload a barrage of weapon fire from either your Enhanced Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher and it will fall to its knees in no time.

G (Second Form)

The second mutation of the creature known as G, formally William Birkin.

In this second form you briefly see a mutation in progress. All the damage you caused it in the first battle finally catches up with it, and the G-Virus inside its body has no choice but to mutate. In this case its arm grows even bigger as new claws are formed that rip through its flesh. Its once-human head dissolves into its chest as a completely new head grows from between its shoulders. The signature eye is still there on the shoulder of the enormous arm.

G (Third Form)

The third mutation of the creature known as G, formally William Birkin.

Once again the battle-damage it sustained forces the G-Virus to undergo more mutation. At this stage its human-side has almost disappeared, leaving the strange unbalanced limbs behind as the creature becomes almost parallel with two very large arms with claws and two smaller ones underneath.

G (Fourth Form)

The fourth mutation of the creature known as G, formally William Birkin.

A major shift in the creatures form occurs here when its arms turn into legs as the creature gets down onto its stomach, and a mesh of razor-sharp spikes emerge upwards from its chest to form a circular mouth. It's at this point it becomes incredibly quick and difficult to target, so take careful aim. It has a habit of jumping down on you from above, so keep on the move to avoid being surprised by this attack.

Don't get too close as with these four limbs it will easily pummel you repeatedly with very little room for escape. Use your biggest most powerful weapons for this battle.

G (Fifth Form)

The fifth mutation of the creature known as G, formally William Birkin.

It's at this point the mutations start being detrimental to its body, most likely due to how much damage it has sustained and the virus can only repair so much.


Code name T-103
Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
This mysterious man will follow you around the R.P.D. Building in the second scenario. His intentions are unclear, but he doesnt hold back when you encounter him.

With enough bullets you can bring him down, but it's just better to avoid him. He only has two main attacks, either a swing with his fist, or a full-on slam with his arms. When he come to take a swing at you, step back so he misses, then quickly run past him. The reward for bringing him down is a small amount of ammo, the type and quantity depend on whereabouts you encounter him.

Tyrant Mutation

Code name T-103
After the Tyrant falls into the molten steel vat, the damage he receives is extreme. With its limiter destroyed, there's nothing stopping this Tyrant from undergoing a mutation to reveal its true self.

This time the Tyrant won't hold back, he will charge at you every chance he gets. The same tactics apply for the Tyrant at the end of the first game, just avoid him for a few minutes until a mysterious woman drops you a Rocket Launcher. Use this to finish it off once and for all.

Brad Vickers (Zombie)

Formally the helicopter pilot of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, he has now become one of the living dead. How he ended up a zombie is not discovered until Resident Evil 3, however due to his resilient S.T.A.R.S. outfit he is a very tough zombie to kill.

This enemy is more of an Easter Egg of the game, as to encounter him you need to reach the Police Station in Leon or Claire's first scenario without picking up any items. If you manage to find him and defeat him, his body holds the Special Key.