Game Resident Evil 2
Category Enemy
Other appearances Resident Evil Survivor
Image of Ivy
Based on the research conducted at the Arklay Mansion Laboratory, these T-Virus plants now have the ability to walk around on their leg-like vines. Getting too close to these Triffid-inspired monsters will cause them to lash out with their vines to whip you. Not only that, but they also have the ability to spit an acid at you that will stun you and cause a fair amount of damage.

Using either Flamethrower or Grenade Launcher with the Flame Rounds is the best way to deal with these mobile shrubs.


Image of West Area - Laboratory B4

West Area - Laboratory B4

  • 2 Ivies - Behind the metal shutter, restore power to the lab to open it.
  • 2 Ivies - If you killed the Ivy's that were behind the metal shutter, these will appear the next time you enter the area.

Image of Level 4 Walkway - Laboratory B4

Level 4 Walkway - Laboratory B4

  • 1 Ivy - Lurking around.