Humans who contract the T-virus quickly turn into zombies. These poor creatures have lost their conciousness, and wander around guided by instinct and their appetite to to satisfy their hunger for human flesh. In all reported T-virus outbreaks, the zombie is the most numerous hostile encountered by field operatives.

Zombie Dog

A zombie dog mutation is the result of canine exposure to the T-virus strain. Unlike the human Zombie, the flesh of a zombie dog rots much slower and the creatures can move much faster as a result. Recent encounters have led researchers to believe that zombie dogs are very sensitive to noise. If they hear you retreat, they will follow and attack.


Other appearances Resident Evil 2
The unsightly Licker is a creature creation by a mutation that occurs when a Zombie is further contaminated by the T-virus. As a result of the transformation process, Lickers develop conspicuous features like exposed brain tissue and a whip-like tongue. Living up to their billing, a Licker will use both its claw and tongue to attack. Moving around on all four legs, compared to the Zombies, these creatures possess incredible agility. While they have no eyes, and thus they are unable to see, they compensate with an abnormally evolved sense of hearing.

Evolved Licker

Other appearances Resident Evil 2
These are Lickers that have undergone even further mutation. They are much more resilient to attack than the regular Licker, and their claws have evolved into much larger more dangerous ones. The same tactics can be used against these as their predecessors, however keeping your distance is also advised due to the swiping range of their new claws and their wicked tongue.

UT Trooper

Umbrella's clean-up squad consist of genetically engineered and very disposable UT Troopers. Armed with an MP5 machine gun and protected by body armour, they often attack in numbers. Key troopers will engage you in close combat while others stand back and snipe from high vantage points. When killed, UT Troopers dissolve into the ground, leaving no trace that they ever existed.


These mutant birds will attack you in a flock, hoping to peck you to death before you can shoot them all out of the air. Like the Zombie Dog, the crow's strength lies in its numbers and the way it attacks from all angles.


Code name MA-121
Other appearances Resident Evil
Resident Evil Remake
Resident Evil Zero
We believe that the Hunter mutation is created when the T-virus contaminates human DNA. Since a Hunter's lower body muscles have been dramatically enhanced, these creatures can jump incredibly high and attack their enemies with razor-sharp claws.

Large Roach

Other appearances Resident Evil 2
These are ordinary cockroaches that have become exposed to the T-Virus, making them far more aggressive. If you find yourself surrounded by these pests do your very best to escape to the nearest door or ladder, as they hit you with tiny little bites over and over again which will drop your health at an incredible rate.

Giant Moth

Other appearances Resident Evil 2
Giant Moths provide a similar aerial threat to the Crow but take substantially more shots to kill. Thankfully, there are only two of them, and they aren't found anywhere else in the game.

Giant Alligator

Other appearances Resident Evil 2
There are only two of these gargantuan beasts in the game, but that's two too many according to veterans of battles with them. Residing only in the sewers, they provide a nasty surprise for the unwary explorer. Giant Alligators use a bite attack to wear down their opponents before devouring their tasty flesh.

Giant Spider

These giant arachnids can crawl along ceilings and split poison when in range of a target. These creatures combine frontal attacks with poison-belching in an attempt to disable and eventually kill.

Black Tiger

The mother of all spiders, this is a larger variation of the Giant Spider. This giant spider has more strength, speed and spitting range than its smaller companions.


Other appearances Resident Evil 2
Umbrella's successes with T-virus experimentation are not limited to animals. After the initial outbreak in Raccoon City which also created mutated plants, the corporation has created killer ivy to supplement its bio-engineered Tyrants. Ivy can move on their own by inhaling air through their skin and then exhaling it.Ivy has two main attacks - a slashing tentacle and an acid spit-ball.

Poison Ivy

Other appearances Resident Evil 2
These are regular Ivy's that have undergone further mutation to adapt themselves to new environments. These plants act similar to the Ivy, but with the addition that its acid spits now have the ability to poison you, making them far more dangerous.

Tyrant T-103

Other appearances Resident Evil 2
The Tyrant project is the result of Umbrella's more advanced experiments with the T-virus. Genetically engineered with genes harvested from human brains, the Tyrant is large, formidable and difficult to take down. Lacking any weapons of its own, the Tyrant will attack using a head-butting charge and a flurry of meaty punches.

Hypnos Tyrant

Tens of thousands of different types of genes were cultivated at the one cell level and then left to fight it out. The genes in cells that survived were cross-bred. Then the cycle of breeding and competition was repeated; call it "Natural Selection." Of course, the survivors were superior organisms and the experiments continued night and day. Over the course of three weeks, after natural selection had occurred with several million genes, one gene was chosen. The cell containing this gene has been found to benefit from sleep induction. It quickly overtakes other cells by causing them to sleep before killing them. The researcher's call this gene "Hypnos" (hypnosis) and further cultivated it. The Hypnos gene forms the core of the new Hypnos-T Prototype.

Hypnos Tyrant (Second Form)

As with all tyrant models produced from the T-Virus and variations thereof, it undergoes a further stage of mutation once it has been severely, sometimes fatally, injured. In the case of the Hypnos Tyrant the mutation reveals a more ferocious creature with more stamina, more agility, and much more aggression.

Hypnos Tyrant (Third Form)

In its final form, all ability for this monster to follow commands has been extinguished and replaced with a creature with a mindless rage. It acts very much like a berserker, not feeling any pain, its sole mission to destroy what it has set its mind on.