Ark Thompson

Ark is the leading protagonist who begins the game with a case of amnesia. Plagued by a severe headache and nausea, he realised his memory was gone after helicopter crash shown in the introductory sequence. For Ark, the past is shut tightly in the darkness. Thinking about it is like grabbing at fog. It dissipates and is simply...gone. Left alone on a run-down street, the smell of death on the wind, he hopes for someone to come by. There is somebody nearby, but is it friend or foe? His only safeguard is a gun. And it seems that the gun is guiding him. But will it be enough to save him?

Vincent Goldman

Urged on by the sudden death of his predecessor, Vincent is a young, elite member of Umbrella Inc. and acknowledged as the highest authority on the island. While he is a skilful ruler, he is also a brilliant scientist who has been conducting sinister medical experiments on living bodies in his role as Directory of the Umbrella organisation. Aware of these experiments, the main organisation continues its tacit approval.

Andy Holland

Thievery, larceny, robbery, assault: Andy used to be scientist, but now that was but a fading memory. Crime did pay. But then he received a call from Umbrella, a big-shot pharmaceutical company. Will he come to work for them? Umbrella, it seems, has been buying up everything. They'd acquired a small European isle, Sheena Island, a backwater with waste disposal facilities so old-fashioned that no-one knew how to fix them. Umbrella Inc. offered the maintenance contract to Andy, a low-life who has racked up crime after crime. Why? Without thinking too much about the corporation's reasoning, seduced by the money, Andy grabbed his suitcase and too up the offer. With barely any possessions but his beloved camera, he set off for a new life. But it didn't take him long to discover Umbrella's sinister secrets.

Lott Klein

Lott's father is the head of the Applied Genetic Engineering department at Umbrella, a man who has single-mindedly devoted himself to his research without a thought to his own family. Ever since he could remember, Lott had heard about natural selection and the different attributes people possessed based on the race they were born into. Lott has been deeply influenced by his father and the Umbrella organisation. When the "accident" occurred, perhaps influenced by the brutality of adolescence, Lott believed that "the weak should die." But, after seeing his own parents wiped out by the T-virus, Lott began to understand his own powerlessness as a living being. Wanting to set things right and feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt, he has begun to fight back against everything the Umbrella organisation stands for.

Lily Klein

Once blissfully happy, Lily was surrounded by the love of her father, mother and dependable brother Lott. Until two days ago she lead a charmed life. She was just like any normal 8-year-old girl - until disaster struck. First she thought it was a simple fire. But who could have guessed at how terrible it could become? "Run! Lily, run!!!" Those were the last words she heard her parents say. She had always listened to her parents and done their bidding. So, as if in a trance, she ran away. After entering a building, she hides quietly waiting for her brother to save her from the nightmarish creatures that now stalk the streets of the shattered island.

UT Commander

The UT or Under Taker unit is a rapid reaction force of disposable troops tasked with destroying evidence of T-virus outbreaks. Due to the extremely low survival rate of these missions, UT Troopers are artificial humans equipped with a single night-vision scope and an MP5 machine gun - once hit, their bodies dissolve leaving no trace of their presence. Their mission on Sheena Island is to isolate and silence surviving witnesses of the T-virus leak, before sanitizing the area. The UT Commander directs ground operations from the air.