Kevin Ryman

Kevin is a policeman who works for the Raccoon City Police Department. He has superior athletic abilities and is an outstanding shot. A good fellow all around, he's also a dyed-in-the-wool optimist who doesn't dwell on small things. His happy-go-lucky, blissful personality sometimes works against him, since he has failed the S.T.A.R.S. selection process twice.

Kevin's key item is his 45 Auto Handgun.

Mark Wilkins

Currently working for a security company in Raccoon City, Mark is a Vietnam War veteran. Over 50 years old, his robust strength has not dimmed at all. He has tasted emptiness of war, and there is a side to him that is mentally fragile. Now, more than anything, he just wants to live in peace.

Mark's key item is his personal Handgun.

George Hamilton

A doctor who works at Raccoon City Hospital, George is a first-class surgeon. He doesn't exactly take the lead and call the shots, but he does possess a cooperative spirit and the power to naturally acquire the trust of others.

George's key item is his Medical Set.

Jim Chapman

A subway employee, Jim is a friendly and cheerful fellow, but exposes his cowardice and narrow-mindedness. Event though he means no harm, he talks too much and invites frowns of disgust from those around him. However, he has powers of intuition and is very good at solving puzzles.

Jim's key item is his lucky Coin.

David King

A quiet plumber, David doesn't speak at all about his past, but it's not because he's unfriendly; he just seems to be a man of few words who only speaks when necessary. With sharp eyesight and deft movements of his knife, he can prove his worth getting around in a scene of blood-shed.

David's key item is his Tool Box.

Yoko Suzuki

Yoko calls herself a university student and she is very knowledgeable about computers. She has a quiet and reserved personality, but the strength of her inquisitive mind emerges with a toughness that surprises. However, once she gets hung up on something, she's a bit slow on the uptake with other things.

Yoko's key item is her Knapsack.

Alyssa Ashcroft

Alyssa is a newspaper journalist working for the local paper. With a vigorous sense of curiosity, she has an insaciable appetite for collecting various bits of information. This is the source of her power. With a pushy and strong personality, she is a sore loser who often clashes with others. But even though she is stuck on herself she does take care of her fellow man.

Alyssa's key item is her set of Picking Tools.

Cindy Lennox

A waitress at J's Bar, Cindy is a popular person because of her unbreakable bright smile. Whether it's her nature or the environment, she's full of a service spirit and always thinks of other people over herself. Even in a severe situation, she unexpectedly gathers her courage and adapts to the reality of a cruel society.

Cindy's key item is Herb Case.