Zombies are the residents of Raccoon City who have become undead flesh-seekers given un-life through mutations and reanimation caused by the T-Virus. Zombies appear in many forms and dress styles in the game, and they are the most frequently encountered enemy. Even if you clear a room of zombies, you will find that areas respawn after a certain length of time, and zombies will follow you from room to room.


Crows are native black birds in Raccoon City area that have eaten contaminated flesh or have been attacked by contaminated rats to become infected with the T-Virus. Their infection gives them an intense hunger for living flesh. Crows tend to appear in flocks and attack as a group.

Scissor Worm

Scissor Worms are mutant insects that have grown long tails with twin razor-sharp piercing stingers, which the monsters use to inflict the POISON status on its victims. They appear in massive droves , flooding the streets of Raccoon City during the "Outbreak" scenario.

These creatures only appear in the Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings.

Giant Moth

The giant moth is a unique enemy that appears in the underground laboratory in the "Below Freezing Point" scenario. Its attack methods include butting the character with its giant body to knock them down, and rapidly fluttering its wings to release a cloud of pollen that inflicts the POISON status.

Baby Moth

Baby moths are the mutant offspring of the Giant Moth in larval form. Having just hatched out of its egg, these tiny creatures slither slowly across the ground and attempt to defend their territory by spitting a damaging acidic substance that also inflicts the POISON status.


Hunters are humanoid lizard-like creatures that scour areas looking for easy prey. With cat-like reflexes and instant strike capabilities, this is one monster that can go from zero to a hundred in an instant. Hunters can leap down long corridors and across large rooms to attack, and they tend to follow characters from room to room.


This is a fully grown G-Embryo, which comes from a host that was rejected due to DNA incompatibility. The adult has an interesting characteristic as it becomes a carrier for even more young, spewing them forth from its mouth. Whether these offspring also have the ability to grow into adults is unknown.

You face this creature in the Marshaling Yard of the "Below Freezing Point" scenario. To defeat it, you can use practically any weapon. However, you can also use the locomotive to crush it. Activate the locomotive using the control panel when the G-Type is on the tracks. It will take more than one hit to defeat it, so you will need to repeat the process of "baiting" the creature into the path of the vehicle.


These embryos spew forth from the mouth of an adult version of itself, the G-Type. These are also produced from the result of a host being impregnated with an embryo but rejecting it due to incompatibility with its DNA, which results in a very savage and gory escape from the body, usually resulting in the hosts body being split in two.

Leech Man

The Leech Man is a human host body coated with and controlled by genetically altered leeches developed by Umbrella scientist Dr. James Marcus. The creature seeks to attack living human beings in order to drain their blood, and can sense the presence of suitable victims in rooms several corridors away. The Leech Man uses the ventilation system of the hospital to travel from room to room.

It is pointless to use any weapons on the Leech Man as it is practically invulnerable to standard attacks. Instead you must face the Leech Man in the Fixed Temperature Laboratory. Lure him into the main room using a Blood Pack on the floor. Once there, activate the temperature controls in the adjacent room and turn the heat up. This will defeat the Leech Man. However, if one of your applies dies during the scenario, there is a high probability that they will become a second Leech Man. The temperature trick only works once, so you cannot repeat this method once you have killed the first Leech Man.

Small Leech

Small Leeches are ordinary blood-sucking parasites that have grown to double their normal size through Dr. James Marcus' genetic tampering. Small Leeches infest the Raccoon Hospital, travelling from corridor to corridor via the ventilation system, looking for fresh blood sources.

Queen Leech

This is a giant leech that has made a home for itself in the basement of the Raccoon Hospital. It's massive size makes it slow but it has long tentacles and a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth to attack with should you get too close.

The key to defeating it is to keep your distance and use ranged weapons. In the middle of the section where you fight it there are explosive objects attached to the sides. Shooting these will inflict major damage to the Queen Leech.


Lickers are crouched humanoid creatures with extra long sharp talons that they use for attacking as well as crawling along walls and ceilings. Lickers are aptly named due to the super-strong tongue muscles they possess, which extends up to five feet. The tongue is used to pierce standing targets, causing high amounts of damage. The Licker's outer flesh resembles raw muscle tissue, giving the appearance that the creature has been turned inside out.

Regis Licker

The Regis Licker, nicknamed "Suspen-dead", is a woman who is still in the process of mutating into a Licker. Her skin is crimson coloured, but she has not yet got talons. However, the distinctive Licker tongue is fully formed and ready to whip at you from a distance.

To defeat the Regis Licker, simply blast it full of bullets just out of range of its deadly tongue attacks.

Zombie Dog

Zombie Dogs are stray hounds that roam the city looking for fresh, living meat to attack. Having lost their pack instinct during viral conversion, Zombie Dogs now appear alone and infrequently. They run as quickly as they did in life, and they attack by leaping off the ground to snap with their powerful jaws, or by grabbing a victim's leg and chewing on it mercilessly.

Giant Spider

These mutated, overgrown web-spinners silently patrol the sewer waterways below Raccoon University, seeking to capture prey that stumbles into their lair. Giant Spiders can crawl on the walls and ceilings, and pour poisonous acid saliva onto their victims from above. They leap onto stationary targets and knock them to the ground, then administer a bite attack that also inflicts POISON status.

Giant Wasp

Giant Wasps cling to walls until they detect intruders within their domain. Then they take flight and attack mercilessly from the air, tackling player characters to the ground and stinging them with gigantic tail needles that inflict poison status.

Hunter Gamma

This variant of the Hunter species is frog-like in appearance, and its attack habits indicate it was probably developed by genetically manipulating amphibians. These creatures in aquatic areas, and they have the ability to attack in water as well as on dry land. Because player characters cannot attack whilst in the water, this is where they become the most vulnerable to attack.


"Neptune" is the Umbrella code name for Great White Sharks that were experimented upon with the T-Virus. These mutated creatures now possess the ability to patrol shallow waters near coastlines, and can leap out to attack victims on dry land.


Thanatos is a Tyrant modelled from the T-103. It was developed in Raccoon University by Greg Mueller, a rogue Umbrella scientist. In its first form it was unleashed onto the campus to wipe out the Umbrella team sent to retrieve it.

When you first encounter the monster, the objective is to retrieve the large sample of T-Blood that is protruding from its back. However to do this you need to incapacitate it, and normal weapons are not powerful enough to take it down. Instead you must lure it into the 1F Passage B where there is an electric cable dangling from the ceiling. Wait until the creature is approaching the cable and activate the nearby control switch. The shock is enough to knock the monster out, allowing you to grab the sample.


This is the creature known as Thanatos after he has mutated into a more powerful version of itself. The "R" standards for "Reborn", and it is a much more formidable opponent than before. Its mutation has caused one of its arms to grow much larger with more prominent claws, and the overall height of the creature has increased. However due to the University exploding while it was still inside, it lost its right arm completely.