Small Leech

Category: Enemy

Locations for Easy

Office - Hospital 1F

  • 1 Small Leech - Slithering around on the floor.

Nurses' Station - Hospital 2F

  • 2 Small Leechs - Burst from the medicine cabinet next to the door when you examine it.

B1F Passage - Hospital B1F

  • Drop down the ceiling as you pass through the passage.

Elevator Control Room - Hospital B1F

  • 3 Small Leechs - On the elevator control panel.

Waste Liquid Disposal Room - Hospital B1F

  • 2 Small Leechs - One is crawling around the upper level, the other is in the water canal in the lower level.

B2F Passage - Hospital B2F

  • 1 Small Leech - Drops from the ceiling as you pass. Only after killing the Leech Man.