Playing Manual 1


*CAUTION!* Status Screen
Other PCs and enemies do not pause while the screen is being accessed. Note: the screen will revert back to normal gameplay in the instance you are attacked.

*Note: each button function will vary if you have altered the controller settings from their defaults.

Move your character with the directional buttons or the left analog stick. The D-pad maintains your character's direction.

[MOVE 2]
When you use the left analog stick, your character turns and changes his/her direction.

[Aiming and attacking]
Hold down the R1 button to aim. Press the X button while aiming to fire. Change firing directions by pressing any direction while aiming. Switch targets with the L1 button.

[Reloading part 1]
You can reload your weapon either by combining your gun with the corresponding bullets in the status screen or by pushing the L1 button while your weapon is equipped.

[Reloading part 2]
Reloading takes more time depending on the amount of bullets reloaded. There is an item which enables you to fully reload your weapon with one press of the L1 button.

[Special actions]
In addition to standard actions such as walking and running, players can move over obstacles & climb ladders. Press the X button near various obstacles/ladders to climb them.

[Giving items]
You can give an item to another player by choosing an item in the status screen and then choosing the "Present" command.

[Requesting items]
You can request an item from another player by choosing another player's item from the status screen and then choosing the "Request" command.

["Shouldering" an injured teammate]
Push the X button near an injured PC to lend him/her your shoulder as a crutch. Push the O button to stop shouldering them. You can help dying PCs by shouldering them up as well.

[Ad-Lib Chat System]
By pushing the Square button, the PC will speak a random line of dialogue based on the situation. Their casual dialogue may give you a clue about what to do to clear the scenario.

[Fixed Chat Commands]
You can communicate with other PCs by using the right analog stick. Use this feature to inform other PCs that you plan to assist them or if you need to call for their help.
Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.

Playing Manual 2


[Character status]
Check damage status via ECG
FINE <Green>... Normal
CAUTION <Yellow>... Slightly wounded
CAUTION <Crimson>... Moderate wounds
DANGER <Red>... Seriously wounded

If you get poisoned, your vitality gradually decreases as time passes. The electrocardiogram (ECG) will display the word <POISON> while you are poisoned.

[Blood loss]
If you get attacked and lose lots of blood, your movement speed slows, and your vitality decreases as you move. The ECG displays the word <BLEED> while you are losing blood.

[Virus gauge]
The virus gauge on the status screen shows the player's virus infection rate. If it reaches 100%, the player dies regardless of his/her remaining vitality.

[Crawling part 1]
If you receive too much damage, your player will start crawling on the floor. While you are crawling, you can't enter certain rooms and perform certain attacks.

[Crawling part 2]
While you are crawling, your virus gauge increases at a much quicker rate than normal. To avoid having to crawl, you must use a recovery item or have other PC's "shoulder" you up.

[Map part 1]
View basic room information for any previously visited room by pressing the Triangle button to access the map. If you obtain a map, info on unentered rooms on that map is displayed.

[Map part 2]
Green Room - Rooms you've been to.
Red Room - Currently occupied room.
Yellow Door - Unexplored doors.
Blue Door - Opened doors.
Red Door - Unopened doors.

[Herbs part 1]
Recover status ailments with herbs.
Green Herb - Recovers your vitality.
Blue Herb - Cures Poison.
Red Herb - Amplifies the potency of a herb.

[Herbs part 2]
Herbs can be mixed together.
Ex: Green + Red = Mixed Herb
There are many other ways to mix herbs so you can create herbs that have various new effects.

[Checking other PC's status]
If you are in the same room with other PC's, you can check their virus gauge, items, etc. on the status screen.

[Exchanging items with a dead PC]
Even if another PC dies, you can still exchange items with him/her by opening the status screen in the room he/she died in.

[Scenario Save]
You can save the game by accessing the typewriters found within each scenario.
Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.

Diary of Bar's Staff


I hate the kids living in the next apartment. They sneak into this building via an accessway on the roof almost every day and cause so much trouble.

The day before yesterday, they closed the shutter on the 3rd floor while I wasn't looking. Because of that, I couldn't go to the roof to get a package I needed.

Then I got a good scolding from Jack. How ridiculous! It's not even my fault!

I can't remember how many times they broke the lock that holds the sign to the chain-link fence. However, I have welded it so that they will never be able to enter.

If they should break it, I will sue them for damaging my property. You better watch your butts, kids!
Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.

Jack's Memo


To Cindy:

Please bring the package from Robert's store to my room. I'm having lots of dangerous customers lately so I asked him to fix-up my gun.

I've had enough! Those muscle bound punks have shown up almost every night for one week. Tonight, I'll threaten them with my gun and turn them away.

There may be no space in my room for the package. If that's the case put it in the Drawing Room.
Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.

Play Single Player Mode


The main feature of Single Player mode is the "Partner AI." This is a character/several characters that assist the PC and are CPU controlled. Gameplay will change depending on Partner AI interaction.

Your AI Partner performs actions just like the character you control. He/she can move, attack, use items, chat, help others, etc. Of course, when they run out of vitality they will die like any other character...

You must decide how to interact with your AI Partners. Will you help your AI Partner battle against some enemies. Or will you let them take one for the team and cover you while you run away.

AI Partner Actions and Commands
Each AI Partner has their own personality. Sometimes he/she follows you and sometimes they do not. Their actions change according to the progress of a scenario and their current conditions.

You can make a request to your AI Partners by using the "Appeal A" function (press the right analog stick). Note that they may not always answer your request because they have their own personalities.

When your request is rejected by your AI Partner then wait for a moment and try again.
Note: if you are too far from your AI Partner, your request won't reach them.

When making a request, the nearest AI Partner will react. To make a direct request to a specific AI Partner, use the "Appeal B" function (press the L2 button and right analog stick together).

AI Partner Items
AI Partners can have items just like you can. They can also take, exchange, combine items via their own accord.

AI Partners have their own personalities. They find items, use them, and fight the enemy. Some Partners use items but others save them up. The way a character acts depends on his personality.

You can exchange items with your Partners. To offer an item use the 'give' command. To ask for an item use the 'request' command.

Normally, you will give an item to the closest AI Partner. However if you designate a specific partner using the Appeal command you can give items to specific partners.

While your AI Partners are separated from you, he/she may acquire or use items. When you meet up with your AI Partners again, check his/her status screen. They may have picked up some important items.

Choosing the correct items is the key for your survival. Do you carry the good items and put your AI Partner at risk or do you try to keep your back up alive to support you against big enemies?
Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.

Raccoon Today



Recently there is a spooky talk around South Campbell street. It is said that groans can be heard from the drainage system at night.

It is easy to dismiss it as a ghost story that middle school students love to talk about on camping nights. But the amount of missing people has increased rapidly at this locale for the past month.

8 people have gone missing. Strangely, the missing people have a lot in common: They are all single white females ages 18 to 23 with beautiful blonde hair.

The street was wrapped in a dense fog the day after they went missing. From the sewer drain, which runs north-south along the street, a woman's constrained voice could be heard for several hours.

Of course, the drainage sewers have been thoroughly investigated. But neither the missing person nor any traces have been found.

The Police Department has so far denied the relationship with the bizarre incidents that have rapidly increased after the mansion incident. However, the events must be related.
Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.

Laboratory Memo


UMB No.20->UMB No.3 + VP-017

  • Changes color to auburn when mixed.
  • A very potent weed pesticide.

Very effective against plants. Careful handling is required.
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Interoffice Memo


Due to several misplaced material incidents. We have decided to introduce a pass code system.

With this new system implemented we will be able to check and log each time the cabinet doors have been opened or closed. This increase in security should cut down on material mishandling.

At the same time, we are currently organizing the chemical cabinet. This task should be finished by early next week.

Finally, please note that this information is confidential.

It should be understood that our company will prosecute all offenders to the extent of the law.

Passcode: ####

Head of Administration Div.
Walter Ryan
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Monthly Pass Code


As of the 1st day of this month, the pass code settings have been changed.

Please be advised that last month's code will become invalid at 12:00AM on the day the new pass code is initiated.

B5F Computer Room: C582
B4F East Area Passage: A194

In the meantime, as you are well aware, you can unlock the electronic locks for doors with a security level of 4 and lower via these codes. Caution should be taken by all system managers when handling these codes so they are not leaked to outside sources.

Administration Division, Senior Staff Member Walter Ryan
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Staff Memo


September 11th, 13:30, # of guests: 4
  • Checking for other possible additional user guests
  • Entry Name: "GUEST"
  • Password: None
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Custodian's Diary


I had such a shitty day today! I accidentally lost the "turn table key" that Rick in admin gave me. I'm sure I look like absolute crap! If management finds out I lost the key, getting fired will be the least of my worries.

There's even a rumor "screw-ups" could even be used as bait for some creepy test "subject" the company is working on.

Thanks god! Roy from security found the key in the bathroom and brought it to the admin. Although I found out about this through my boss who looks like he is about ready to chew me a new one.

Man, I haven't been ripped such a big one since I was a snot-nosed brat in Junior High School.

Sheesh! Like it even fuckin' matters. You can't do anything with the key if you don't know the code in the first place.

Man, when I quit this company I'm gonna use that key and the code and make those elevators my own personal private ride! Even I wouldn't forget a code as easy to remember as the word "Hope".

Yep, my own personal elevator... Kinda like the sound of that!
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Researcher's Will


Oh... I can't believe this...

Three days have passed since a couple of subjects (MA-125R) who escaped from B area began a killing spree in the laboratory...

I think at least 10 of my colleagues have been killed by them...

However, I got to experience the horror, first hand, as one of their giant, sharp claws ripped through my body! The bleeding from the wound just doesn't seem to stop...


Why did we create such terrible things!? We had no right to play god.

The only thing left for me to do now is to destroy the laboratory temperature controls...

When the temperature drops down to about zero degrees, they would be frozen in their tracks... hopefully.

That is about the only thing I can do now. Damn my foolishness!
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Top-Secret Memo


The sample currently stored in the lab is a parasite that was rejected by its host due to incompatibility. As it is extremely unstable, you have to be extremely careful when handling it.

When transferring the sample, use a portable capsule manufactured by the MI corp. Also, chemicals in the capsule get contaminated every few hours so they must be changed.

Any failure to do so, could result in the subject awakening.

Please be sure to handle with extreme caution.

R&D #1
Martin Walcott
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.

Piece of Memo


  • Cabinet B-6
  • Red chemical code number + ####
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Security Guard Guide


Physical strength and technique are not the only skills you need as a security guard. You also need to know about your surroundings and be able to act on snap decisions based on those surroundings.

Make sure to check the map often to grasp the situation you're in and have the guts and gumption to act on your decisions. Actually, one of the skills you need as a security guard can be performed by pushing the X button while "Aiming"...

(The rest of the file is illegible due to blood stains.)
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Chemical Code Message


Here are the reagents for today. As usual, I put tentative names on the label.
Please replace the names with the correct codes and keep them in the cabinet labelled B-6.

Name (tentative): Code
Cerulean: C-4041
Emerald: E-1160
Turquoise: T-7221
Carmine: K-1210
Ivy: I-2005
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Male Nurse's Diary


We should have disposed of that nasty crap much earlier. It got Robert's body as well, even though I made sure to seal up the body in an air-tight bag.

The ammo in the spare gun we should keep here for security, ran out. Hell, bullets didn't even dent it! What in the hell am I gonna do now?

The bite wound from that thing just won't clot. I've lost so much blood that I feel nauseous and dizzy. Wherever I go or hide, that damn thing is always on my heels.

It just moves so incredibly fast. Come to think of it, in the beginning it was a lot slower... It's a predator... and I think the smell of blood is exciting it.

I'm... done... for...
be... the... next...
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Repair Work Memo


Repair plan: A/C unit, Switch panel
  • Main Entrance
  • 3F->4F Landing space
  • Room 403
  • B2F Channel -> Drainage

Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Setting Manual


Elevator floors of operation:

NORMAL........ 3F - B1F
LEVEL 1........ B2F
LEVEL 2........ B3F, 4F

Administrator is in charge of deciding the security settings for the various areas. A switch to security level 1 requires a 4 digit code. Whereas a change to level 2 requires a voice code authorization.
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Researcher's Diary


Damn Umbrella... I understand the meed to choose a location few people would investigate, but why the hell choose the sewers! Birkin and that pig of a chief! I am a normal man.

I don't wanna trudge through such filth. Not even for 5 minutes. I won't go to the laboratory until they provide me with a boat.

I finally got a boat. But it doesn't handle so well in narrow channels. Oh well though... it's much better than walking.
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Investigation Request


Can you investigate the leeches captured around the sewers? They seem to be different from those previously logged in our records. I assume they are a variant of the virus but we can't verify it here.

They seem to be different from the leeches Mr. Marcus was involved with. There is a gigantic one that they failed to capture. It is estimated to be more than 1 meter long.

They discovered that the leeches are vulnerable to high heat.
Please be careful when examining the leeches.
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Card Memo


Due to a change in staff, card keys are now managed by senior staff member Dr. Scott Jones. Obtain permission before using them. Contact -> doctors' box on 1st floor or nurses' desk on 3rd floor.
Available within "The Hive" scenario.

Guest List Copy


*Security Box No. Duplicate

Mr. Andrew Evans JIA

Ms. Anna Lowell BAE

Mr. Dario Losso FBH

Mr. John O'Donnell IIB

Mr. Joseph Wilson DCH

Mr. Louis Sullivan CJF

Mr. Toby Whitman GGF
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Hotel Charge Breakdown


Room service
Afternoon tea
Service charge
Total: $12
A. Evans / A. Lowell / D. Losso / J. O'Donnell / J. Wilson
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Only one of the five names appears at the bottom of the document.

Guest Memo 1


Dad told me to keep a diary whenever I join a new school. So today I am testing it out.

Dad is always so busy. He is a university teacher. He left early in the morning today to have a meeting with some bigwig.

I have to get ready to change schools, but I have to watch over the hotel room until dad gets back. Man, there is nothing to do here. I've already searched all over the room for something fun to do...

There was this weird picture... I touched the switch next to the picture a couple of times but nothing happened. I'm so bored. I'm getting hungry, too. I hope dad gets back soon so we can eat.
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Guest Memo 2



Thanks a lot for your offer, but I have decided to go with Ed instead. I just don't think I could get away from all my sad memories if I stayed here.

While I was looking at the picture of that old castle in my room, I started thinking about Manchester where we were raised. I'll never forget those fun times that mom and the 2 of us had before the accident.

But I just don't want to think about that. Anyways, I'm sure you'll be okay without me.

I'm sorry... good bye.

Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Guest Memo 3


September 23rd

It's true I'm the one who specifically requested to stay in this room since it was where my late wife and I used to stay. It used to be a peaceful place where I could do some writing while remembering my lovely wife. However there is a new hotel owner and he put some strange map up as a decoration. The cursed thing is flickering on and off and keeping me from concentrating. I was hesitant to complain since they gave me a big discount on my stay, but my patience has worn out. I am going to leave and find a more appropriate hotel in the morning.
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Emergency Manual


How to use escape ladder:

The ladder installed at the hall on the 2nd floor in the center of the lobby is compactly stored except for emergencies. It extends whenever the smoke detector goes off.

To avoid power problems like power outages, the device is connected to a special emergency power supply. During normal operation, please be sure to switch over to the emergency power supply in order to operate the unit.

The emergency power supply is controlled via the switchboard in the north end of the first floor.
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Janitor's Daily Report


September 17th
I was told to check the alarm device every week from now on but I used to only do it twice a year! the new owner seems to be a bit of a worry wort. Who would wanna break in here?

September 21st
I had a drink with Todd, the security guard. He was grumbling about the new type of card key installed in the rooms. That number lock on the south door should be enough. What a pain.

September 22nd
Todd left a card key in the bathroom and I brought it to him.
When I told him to keep it together with his daughter's photo, he seemed embarrassed. He sure can be a jerk.

September 23rd
That strange noise in the boiler room just keeps getting louder and louder. I doubt re-tightening the bolts on the pipes will help. I'll tell the owner next week. No reason to come in Sunday.
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Guard's Notebook


Routine patrol on the roof: Starts this Saturday.

Switchboard repair request: Kyle.

Change pass code in the security room: ####

Sandra's school admission present: Tomorrow.
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Janitor's Repair Memo


Repair locations:
  • Switchboard disconnections
  • General piping in the boiler
  • Wall cracks in room 304 and 305
  • Ventilator at the front lobby

# Guest room repairs take priority.
Available within the "Hellfire" scenario.

Peter's Diary


August 30th
Reagent creation is at its final stage. When it is completed we will finally have a means to stop that wretched T-virus.

I heard about Umbrella's heinous dealings from an ex-head researcher named Greg. I wouldn't have been able to create this reagent without his expertise and assistance. Using viral research for personal gain is unforgivable. We named this reagent Daylight.

You don't need an Umbrella in the daylight. I find the name quite suits the reagent, considering its main purpose.

September 15th
I've received the T sample from Greg and tested Daylight on it. It's still not all that stable but it is managing to suppress the growth of the "T" viral cell. Victory is nigh!

Come to think of it... How did Greg obtain the "T" sample? He told me a friend secretly got him a sample but he thinks he's being chased by Umbrella. Is he hiding something from me? Well, I shouldn't snoop.

<A few pages have been torn out...>

September 19th
It seems I've been totally mistaken. How could Greg do such terrible things?! It seems this has all been a ruse. He planned everything from the start!

There must be a reason why he rushed me to complete the "Daylight." Am I the only one who, other than Greg, that knows how to create the compound? Is my life in danger? I should just play dumb for awhile.

  • Discarded T sample.
  • Hide compound instructions.
  • Contact George.
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

Genealogy Facts


Common in cats and dogs but sometimes displayed in humans, there is a genetic mutation known as 'odd eye' in which a person's right eye will be a different color from their left.

Another extremely rare case occurred in a moose discovered in 1981 on a Columbia mountain in Canada. The case states that the moose had a shining red eye and a blue eye that sparkled like jewels.
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

Number Memo


Easy mode

9 9 9
9 2 9
9 3 9
9 5 9
9 9 9

0 0 0
2 8 0
0 0 0
6 5 0
0 0 0

8 8 8
3 0 8
8 8 8
8 7 9
8 8 8

1 1 1
1 2 3
1 1 1
5 6 1
1 1 1

Hour: 90
Minute: 81

Normal mode

0 4 0
1 4 3
9 4 3
5 4 3
3 4 2

7 7 7
7 2 7
7 1 7
7 1 7
7 7 7

9 9 9
9 8 9
9 0 9
9 5 9
9 9 9

3 3 3
3 4 1
3 3 3
7 7 3
3 3 3

Hour: 47
Minute: 93

Hard mode

8 8 8
8 5 8
8 1 8
8 1 8
8 8 8

2 2 2
0 8 2
0 0 2
4 4 2
0 4 2

6 3 6
6 7 6
6 6 6
5 5 6
9 8 6

0 0 0
0 1 0
0 4 0
0 1 0
0 0 0

Hour: 82
Minute: 60

Very hard mode

5 5 5
5 2 5
5 4 5
5 2 5
5 5 5

3 3 3
7 8 3
3 3 3
3 4 0
3 3 3

2 2 2
2 9 6
2 2 2
4 5 2
2 2 2

7 7 7
7 0 7
7 1 7
7 9 7
7 7 7

Hour: 53
Minute: 27
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

Part of Torn Memo


Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario. This document reveals the last three digits for the computer code needed to restore the power to the elevator in the 1F Passage Elevator. You need this code along with the leading digit found in the Torn Memo.

The three digits are one of four possible sets, and the one needed is randomly chosen on each play through the scenario. The four possible numbers found within the document are 032, 161, 927 or 284. Please note however that you cannot restore the power to the elevator until you have read this document.

Reagent Generation Memo


Reagent components:
  1. P-base
  2. V-poison
  3. T-blood

Synthesize the components in the incubator located in the lab.

  • The machine will automatically mix the components. It will take some time to totally mix them.
  • Once it is generated, you can make a copy by setting it in the high speed incubator.

  1. P-base
    Generated 2500ml for the reagent. Since storage device in lab is out of order, sample is being stored in basement tank. Keep sample in air-tight case or it will dissolve.
  2. V-poison
    Generated from bee poison as a culture catalyst. It is kept in the lab. Gathering usable amounts of the V-poison is very labor intensive. Handle it with care.
  3. T-blood
    Blood from a creature infected with the "T" virus.
    * A sample from Greg should be arriving.
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

Blood-Stained Memo


I'm a dead man...
Hurry and create a reagent.
Then get the hell out of Raccoon.

<Something is written on the back.>

There's a reagent incubator in the lab.
Collect the 3 key ingredients, set them in the incubator and...

<The rest is illegible due to the blood stain...>
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

Torn Memo


Changed elevator code

<The latter part of the code is missing...>
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario. This document reveals the first digit for the computer code needed to restore the power to the elevator in the 1F Passage Elevator. You need this code along with the leading digit found in the Part of Torn Memo.

The digit in this document is always the number 4, regardless of which difficulty mode you are playing. Please note however that you cannot restore the power to the elevator until you have read this document.

Cable Repair Request


To Roger,

That power cable on the ceiling is decaying. If we leave it as it is, those pesky rats will gnaw it in two.

As you know, a powerful generator is used at this University since they use so many high output lab devices. If the cable is cut, someone could get electrocuted.

Please call a repair person and have him fix it. I'll be on business and won't return for a while. The generator is located on the northwest side of the 1st floor hall. Be sure it's done.

Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

Section of a Diary


September 17th - We don't have enough V-poison for the compound. I vaguely remember there being a wasp's nest in the emission tower, but I shouldn't just recklessly wander over there...

Granted that, I'm stuck without the necessary components...

I guess I'll head there after I get equipped with some protective gear.
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.



  1. Battle Plan:
    Emperor's mushroom
  2. Area of Operation:
    Within 4 blocks of Raccoon U.
  3. Time:
    60 minutes, starting 5:35 AM.
  4. Arms:
    Basic armament: C-2 + Extractor
  5. Purpose:
    To gather T's blood (Code name: T-blood) -or- to kill T and retrieve its body.

Supplementary Information:
Biggest priority of the operation is to gather T-blood and erase all of T's traces. If the body is deemed too difficult to recover, destroy it and the general area.
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.