Interoffice Memo

Game Resident Evil Outbreak
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Image of Interoffice Memo
Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.



Due to several misplaced material incidents. We have decided to introduce a pass code system.

With this new system implemented we will be able to check and log each time the cabinet doors have been opened or closed. This increase in security should cut down on material mishandling.

At the same time, we are currently organizing the chemical cabinet. This task should be finished by early next week.

Finally, please note that this information is confidential.

It should be understood that our company will prosecute all offenders to the extent of the law.

Passcode: ####

Head of Administration Div.
Walter Ryan


Image of B7F Laboratory - Underground 7F

B7F Laboratory - Underground 7F

  • On the computer that is on the desk on the north corner of the laboratory.