Raccoon Today

Game Resident Evil Outbreak
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Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.




Recently there is a spooky talk around South Campbell street. It is said that groans can be heard from the drainage system at night.

It is easy to dismiss it as a ghost story that middle school students love to talk about on camping nights. But the amount of missing people has increased rapidly at this locale for the past month.

8 people have gone missing. Strangely, the missing people have a lot in common: They are all single white females ages 18 to 23 with beautiful blonde hair.

The street was wrapped in a dense fog the day after they went missing. From the sewer drain, which runs north-south along the street, a woman's constrained voice could be heard for several hours.

Of course, the drainage sewers have been thoroughly investigated. But neither the missing person nor any traces have been found.

The Police Department has so far denied the relationship with the bizarre incidents that have rapidly increased after the mansion incident. However, the events must be related.


Image of In Front of Apple Inn - Town 1

In Front of Apple Inn - Town 1

  • In the newspaper rack on the west side of the street, next to the crashed taxi.