Game Resident Evil Outbreak
Category Enemy
Lickers are crouched humanoid creatures with extra long sharp talons that they use for attacking as well as crawling along walls and ceilings. Lickers are aptly named due to the super-strong tongue muscles they possess, which extends up to five feet. The tongue is used to pierce standing targets, causing high amounts of damage. The Licker's outer flesh resembles raw muscle tissue, giving the appearance that the creature has been turned inside out.


Northwest Passage 1 - Apple Inn Hotel 1F

  • 1 Licker - In the west section of the passage.

Corridor (3F) - Apple Inn Hotel 3F

  • 1 Licker - In the south east corner of the corridor.

Apple Inn Front Lobby - Apple Inn Hotel 1F

  • 2 Lickers - Appear when you attempt to exit the room via the 1F corridor.