The primary enemy of the game is this lumbering zombie-esque monster that appears to spawn out of areas of the environment covered with Mold. They are all remnants of humans that have been infected by the Mold, in which their bodies have been mostly consumed by the bacteria.

These creatures are fairly slow, but they can easily corner you and attempt to rip at your neck with their razor sharp teeth.

Molded (Crawler)

This variant of the Molded, as its namesake implies, crawls around on all fours. This is due to its biology being slightly different, but ultimately works in its favour.

Crawling on all four legs gives it a massive speed advantage, and is capable of leaping great distances. It uses this skill to charge at you, swiping its claws as it jumps to cause damage.

Molded (Fat)

This variant of the Molded is a massive, bloated creature that struggles to move under the pressure of its own weight. This however doesn't make it any less dangerous, but rather potentially the most deadly.

This vile creatures has the ability to puke up corrosive bile from its gut, and spew if forth surprisingly far. If you get hit with this compound, it will cause damage and temporarily obscure your vision. The best advice for fighting this monster is to keep your distance.


These spiders are just one of the types of bugs that are spawned by Marguerite. They are albino-looking spiders, roughly the same size as a tarantula.

Whilst they don't attack you directly, they are usually found obstructing doors and cupboards, preventing you from opening them without receiving minor damage.

Bug Swarm

Whilst exploring the Old House, you will occasionally encounter large pulsating sacks. If you get too close, a swarm of bugs will come forth and attack you causing damage and obscuring your vision momentarily. The nest will continually spawn these insects until it is destroyed, so your focus should always be to get rid of the source rather than waste ammunition on the insects themselves. Marguerite herself also has the ability to spew forth these insects during the few times you encounter her.

Flying Bug

These are another one of Marguerite's "pets" that she can conjure up. These large flying insects will buzz around and attack you, making them extremely irritating and potentially a waste of ammunition depending on your aim. It is therefore advisable to wait until they land before dispatching them for a cleaner shot.