The zombie is the most common enemy in the game, the prison staff and the construction workers of the Rockfort Facility who became infected after the island was bombed and the T-Virus spread. But it doesn't stop there, somehow the workers and scientists at the Antarctic Facility also received the same fate.

The zombie is an easy enemy, as long as they're in small numbers. The Handgun is usually enough to keep them at bay. It's possible to decapitate one or many zombies with a single shotgun blast, simply aim up when they come into grabbing range, and fire.

Zombie Dog

The zombie dog, unlike the Cerberus, was not an experiment but more of an accident. When exposed to the T-Virus the creature mutates much like any other animal. However, the movements and attacks are practically identical to that of the Cerberus.

The easiest way to deal with these dogs is by using the handgun. Wait until they come at you and fire a single shot. Wait until they stagger to their feet and prepare to pounce, then fire again. Keep repeating until they're dead. The problems come when you're surrounded, as their jumping bite attacks could be fatal if delivered one after the other constantly.


Other appearances Resident Evil Zero
After the T-Virus outbreak, these normal bats have become more vicious.

Like most smaller enemies of the games, it's not worth dealing with these. In fact, the best way to avoid them is to equip your lighter, the light will result in the bats staying away from you.


A mass-produced monster designed as a base unit of Umbrella's infamous Tyrant. They were however determined unsuitable for practical application due to their sickly and grotesque appearance and lack of human features. The lower half of its body is much too weak to hold its weight which is why it has difficulty walking. It also lacks a left arm, but its right arm has the ability to stretch great distances at attack and retract.

The ideal way to dispose of a Bandersnatch is from a long distance, using long range weapons such as the Cross Bow Handgun and the M-100P. If you do get close, try to stay on the opposite side of its long arm in order to avoid its attacks.

Gulp Worm

A monster created from a common earthworm being infected with the T-Virus. As a result it has grown to enormous proportions, large enough to swallow a man whole. Its ability to tunnel through soft soil at tremendous speed, coupled with its ability to detect minor tremors in the ground, it can follow your footsteps on the surface and attack you wherever you tread.

The trick to avoiding its attacks is to stand still until you see it about to burst through the ground where you stand, then quickly move out of the way before it does so. While it is partially submerged, unload your most powerful weapons into its body before it tunnels back down into the ground.

Albinoid Infant

This is the result of injecting the T-Virus into salamanders, and tampering with their DNA. They have an incredible growth rate, and can generate a large electric field several times more powerful than the animal it was based off. This is an infant, and does not possess this power until its fully grown.

Whilst in the Biohazard Containment Room, you see several of these little creature break free and scuttle around. It's best to just avoid these, as they have the ability to shock you but its not very damaging. One manages to escape the room, however, you never encounter it again in this form.

Anatomist Zombie

Before he became a zombie, this doctor was into autopsies and weird experiments involving different torture methods. Somehow this makes him a stronger zombie, and much faster.

The Grenade Launcher should be used against this zombie, as dispatching him quickly is the best option.


Code name T-103
The Tyrant is apparently the same model as the one dropped into Raccoon City, except it was deployed on Rockfort Island without a limiter. It has a small cluster of claws on its right arm which it uses like a club.

The first battle is short, simply keep firing and backing away until he falls down. If you don't take him down before you reach the fire behind you, it's game over.

The second battle is on the Cargo Plane in the hold. You must prepare the conveyor to shoot the metal box towards the Tyrant, thus knocking him out of the plane. However, the Tyrant is strong, and will stop the box before it reaches the end of the plane, so you must weaken him significantly. This is the battle where the B.O.W. Gas Rounds are extremely useful, use all three on the Tyrant, one after the other. Allow a few seconds between firing. Then use your crossbow with the explosive arrows to finish him off. When he starts limping and bleeding, that's the time to use the conveyor.


These bothersome insects have grown in size thanks to the T-Virus outbreak in the Antarctic Transport Terminal. Not only do these moths have the ability to poison you with the dust that they shed from their wings, requiring you to seek a Blue Herb as quickly as possible, but they can also lay their larvae on your back. When this happens you need to remove it as soon as possible before it hatches and causes damage. A very irritating method of attack.

It is usually easier to try and avoid these moths, as not only do their constant hovering make them difficult to target, their numbers usually make it a risky battle. If you do take them on, use the M93R or the M-100P, anything more than this is a waste of ammunition.


This tormented creature was once Alexander Ashford, the father of Alfred and Alexia. The twins took it upon themselves to use their father as a test subject of the prototype T-Veronica Virus. Unfortunately the experiment ended in failure, and Alexander lost his mind and his soul.

The battle with Nosferatu is a dangerous one, as he has several methods of attack. Be sure to keep away from him as his multiple arm-like appendages can lash out and knock you off the edge of the Helipad. Also be wary of the purple gas he emits from his body, as if you become exposed to this there's a chance you can become poisoned. It's not just any poison though as a regular Blue Herb cannot cure it. Instead you will have to acquire the special Serum.

Black Widow

A different species of spider infected with the T-Virus. Due to their slimmer nature, they move much faster than the Webspinner or Giant Spiders seen in other games. Again, they also have the ability to spit poison.

As well as being faster, they're also much stronger and difficult to kill. The Shotgun or Grenade Launcher should be used against them, but keep them at a distance to avoid their poison.


The Hunters in this game are more advanced than the previous kind. Thanks to Wesker's betrayal, he managed to escape the Spencer Mansion will full details on the Hunter, selling this information to his new superiors. Encountered later on in the game when you start playing as Chris, these creatures become a fairly common adversary.

Unlike previous Hunters, these have been tamed. Each Hunter has a small automated robot called a Spotter, which scours the area for movement. When you get detected by a Spotter, prepare yourself for a Hunter a few seconds later. The Shotgun or Grenade Launcher is the best weapon to bring down these pests.


These variations of the Hunter have a purple tint to their skin. They're more deadly than the regular Hunter, stronger, quicker, and can administer a dose of poison from its venomous claws.

Treat these Sweepers the same way you'd treat a normal Hunter, except try harder to not let it touch you, as being poisoned can really hinder your progress.

Albinoid Adult

This is the result of injecting the T-Virus into salamanders, and tampering with their DNA. They have an incredible growth rate, and can generate a large electric field several times more powerful than the animal it was based off. This is the adult, and extremely dangerous.

You find this creature fully grown in a water pool, and it's dangerous in this environment. If you enter the water, the Albinoid will shock the entire area, making it extremely difficult to not get hurt. You'd be better off killing it while it swims around the edge of the pool, just don't enter the water. Saying that, it is possible to retrieve the Eagle Plate from the centre of the pool without killing the Albinoid, but you have to be very quick.


These bizarre giant tentacles appear in a number of different places once Alexia has awoken. It is not made clear where they came from, but it is quite obvious they are somehow under Alexia's control. Allowing yourself to get smacked by one of these is not a wise choice.

Sometimes these tentacles will block your path after they have smashed through one of the walls of the Antarctic Transport Terminal. Unloading a few rounds of a weapon will be enough to force it to retreat back through the whole it created.

Giant Black Widow

The mother of all Black Widows, this regular black widow is the loner who was trapped below the floor in the B.O.W. Room in the Antartic Facility. When the gas leak occured, it grew even more to amazing proportions.

You'll encounter this creature when playing as Chris, however the fight is not mandatory. You can simply avoid it while you get the necessary items and then leave. However, if you're determined to kill it, it can be done with whatever powerful weaponry you have on you, the Grenade Launcher is always good for a boss battle.


A small insect, their DNA was used in the creation of the T-Veronica Virus.

There are thousands of these small insects, and it's better just to avoid them. Run past them, you'll probably receive a few bites, but don't linger.

Mutated Steve

Steve Burnside after he has been injected with the T-Veronica Virus, much like what happened with Alexander Ashford when he become Nosferatu. The virus causes Steve to mutate into a huge rampaging beast with incredible strength.

There's only one tactic to use here, and that is to run. As soon as you regain control just start running. It's impossible to not get hit by Steve's huge Halberd as he chases you up the passageway, so just keep your health topped up until you reach the exit.

Alexia Ashford

The brilliant scientist Alexia Ashford who created the T-Veronica virus. She has been hibernating for the past 15 years with the virus inside of her body maturing to create what she believes to be the ultimate creation. Her first mutation removes her human appearance and trades it for a green-skinned humanoid with increased strength and agility, as well as being able to conjure up immense heat from her fingers that she can form into projectiles.

In your first battle with her it is strongly advisable to keep as far away as possible from her, as getting close would give her the opportunity to grab hold of you, which almost always results in an instant death. She will try to force you into a fixed spot with her lines of flame she produces, but try not to get cornered. Try to finish this battle as quickly as possible, as it is one of the most dangerous battles of the entire game.

Alexia Ashford (Second Form)

Continuing the evolutionary process, the second form of Alexia has started to display the characteristics of the ant DNA in the T-Veronica virus. Her upper body is just like an ant's, but her lower body is more like the roots of a plant.

The tactic here is to simply unload everything you have into her massive body. Since this is your final battle, feel free to use all your remaining ammunition here. Once you have dealt enough damage, she will mutate into her third form.

Alexia Ashford (Third Form)

Alexia's third form looks very much like the second form, only with the upper body having separated from the giant fallopian tube. The big difference between this and her second form is her incredible durability, which allows her to shrug off attacks from any weapon other than the Linear Launcher.