The zombie is the most common enemy in the game, the poor passengers of the train and the Umbrella staff of the Training Facility, who became infected with the T-Virus.

There are many different types of zombie in the game, normal passengers on the train, Umbrella special forces, and many others.

The zombie is an easy enemy, as long as they're in small numbers. The Handgun is enough to keep them at bay. It's possible to decapitate one or many zombies with a single shotgun blast, simply aim up when they come into grabbing range, and fire.


The product of Dr. Marcus' experiments were these giant leeches, and just like regular leeches they have a strong lust for blood. Dr. Marcus used them in his research to create the T-Virus, and it is these leeches that infected the passengers on board the Ecliptic Express, turning them into Zombie.

The sheer number of these leeches you encounter at once means it would take a very long time trying to dispose of all of them. It is therefore much easier to simply run through any area inhabited by them. In some cases the leeches will merge together to form a humanoid shape of their creator described as Mimicry Marcus.

Mimicry Marcus

This humanoid is actually a cluster of Leeches that have merged together and taken on the appearance of their creator James Marcus. They are actually able to modify the texture of their skin to such a degree that from a distance the shape they take on looks like a real man.

These enemies are to be feared, as not only to they look terrifying they can cause a lot of damage to you. Tacking these with flame-based weapons is the best method for disposing of them, so use Molotov Cocktails and the Grenade Launcher loaded with Napalm Grenades for the best results.


Cerberus, essentially a Doberman infected with the T-Virus, is thankfully not a common enemy in the game. They've taken residence is the forest surrounding the Spencer Mansion. Despite the rotting skin and muscle hanging off their bones, they're still surprisingly quick, the virus giving these creatures an insane lust for blood. They'll dive for your arm the first chance they get.

Although quick, they are easy to keep at bay with the Handgun. The worst problem with these is if you manage to get in between two of them, then you have no choice but to run to a better position.


The Stinger is a B.O.W. created by administering the T-Virus to a scorpion. It reaches lengths of up to three meters, including its pincers. Additionally, the virus has caused the creature's exoskeleton to harden. Its pincers in particular are tough enough to cut through steel.

The Stinger has a tough, armoured body, but its head is surprisingly vulnerable. This is its primary weakness, and should be fully exploited during your battle with it. Using the Hunting Gun is particularly effective in this battle.

Edward Dewey

Former S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team member Edward Dewey was attacked by Cerberus whilst on board the Ecliptic Express. He was assumed dead, but the T-Virus brought him back as a Zombie just like all the other poor souls on the train. Due to his resilient body protection, he is a more difficult zombie to put to rest.


The Centurion is the large centipede creature discovered in Umbrella's Management Training Facility. This is not a B.O.W. born from the T-Virus experiments, but rather was mutated through accidental exposure to the virus. This multilegged, carnivorous creature survives by preying on humans. As you may expect, the Centurion is far larger than the tropical centipede, and its behaviour is far more aggressive.

Giant Spider

An enormous spider created by experimenting with the T-Virus on arachnids. These venomous eight-legged monsters can surprise you when they suddenly land in front of you with their ability to walk on walls and ceilings.

Their presence within a room can be known to you if you listen out for their low-bass thumping noise as the scurry around. Using the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher are good choice when it comes to disposing of these.


Code name MA-121
Other appearances Resident Evil
Resident Evil Survivor
Resident Evil Remake
An extremely powerful creature with claws on all four limbs, and the ability to jump several metres in the air. Found lurking around the Training Facility, they are considered to be a useful experiment when it comes to gathering combat data.

These frog-like creatures are very dangerous; they have two different forms of attack. They either swipe at your legs, or jump and slash at your torso, which if they're close enough could go right over your head and result in decapitation. Using the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher with Acid Grenades is the best way to deal with these. Thankfully there aren't too many of them throughout the game.

Plague Crawler

Insect-based B.O.W.'s that were created by injecting various types of insects with the T-Virus and then manipulating their genes. Because they were developed relatively early in the program, they've had a lot of time to grow.Some are almost two metres long and have suitably long death-dealing pincers.


Larger and more aggressive than normal, these birds will sit patiently unless they consider you a threat. It seems these crows feasted on a corpse infected with the virus, and driven them to act like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock novel.

You won't encounter crows very often during the game. Its better just to avoid them, however if you do want to take them down, don't use anything larger than the Handgun.


The Eliminator is a biological weapon created from a large monkey by Dr. James Marcus. The primate is highly intelligent, capable of executing commands. Little destruction of brain cells is seen in this subject. This is a striking difference from human subjects infected with the virus, indicating that their metabolism is working effectively.

Their speed is remarkable, so ensure you don't let them run circles around you otherwise you won't be able to target them. Combined with their persistent jumping, these foes should be dispatched as quickly as possible.


Other appearances Resident Evil Code: Veronica
These are regular bats that exhibit no remarkable features except for their persistence. They will only attack you during the boss battle with the Giant Bat.

They are not worth dealing with, as your main concern will be the giant one attacking you. As soon as you kill the Giant Bat, these pests will simply disappear.

Giant Bat

Unlike most other mammals, this T-Virus has shown what effects it can have on a host that is compatible. The massive increase in size of this bat makes it a tough opponent.

This battle can be an annoying one, as not only are you getting bothered by the smaller bats, but this larger one has attacks that can knock you over. Using the Grenade Launcher against this creature is the best option.


A B.O.W. born from early experiments with the T-Virus. Almost immediately upon beginning the virus research, a huge number of failed experiments were produced. The Lurker is one of those failed experiments, and it is made from an amphibian frog base.

Their eyes and ears have devolved greatly in this form, but their ability to sense prey has been evolved to an almost supernatural level. Their tongues in this form have become strong enough to actually impale a human target with little effort. Their digestive systems have also developed to the point where they can swallow a human whole, as those systems are now strong enough to kill whatever prey they swallow almost immediately.


Code name T-001
The prototype Tyrant, developed before the T-002. It has the signature claw, however this time its on its right arm. This experiment was unsuccessful in terms of making a B.O.W. Super Soldier, as it lacked intelligence and was "unstable". However, it did prove to be very worthwhile, as the data gathered was used to create the more successful T-002.

This Tyrant somehow manages to escape its Cryotube and come after you in the Factory. It occasionally charges at you, so these should be avoided by moving out of the way at the last instant. The second time you encouter it is in the Treatment Plant, and the same tactics apply. The Magnum is the best weapon to use in both battles, the Grenade Launcher with Acid Grenades is also good.

Queen Leech

The Queen Leech in all its hideous glory. Up until now it has appeared under the guise of a young James Marcus, however when you come to do battle against it it bares very little resemblance to its original creator.

Queen Leech (Second Form)

After defeating the Queen Leech, it undergoes a rapid mutation which increases its size and also its resistance to conventional firearms, making it practically invulnerable to anything you have at your disposal. However it does have a very strong weakness to sunlight...