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Key items

Emblem (Left half)

Emblem (Right half)

Hexagonal Emblem

Insignia Key

Round Insignia

Old Key

Camp Key

False Eye

Platinum Sword

Golden Sword

Castle Gate Key

Prison Key

Gallery Key

Goat Ornament

Lion Ornament

Serpent Ornament

Moonstone (Left half)

Moonstone (Right half)

Blue Moonstone

Stone Tablet

Salazar Family Insignia

King's Grail

Queen's Grail


Key to the Mine

Stone of Sacrifice

Freezer Card Key

Waste Disposal Card Key

Storage Room Card Key

Piece of the Holy Beast, Panther

Piece of the Holy Beast, Eagle

Piece of the Holy Beast, Serpent

Emergency Lock Card Key

Jet-ski Key

Recovery items

Green Herb

Green Herb (x2)

Green Herb (x3)

Red Herb

Yellow Herb

Mixed Herbs (G+R)

Mixed Herbs (G+Y)

Mixed Herbs (R+Y)

Mixed Herbs (G+R+Y)

First Aid Spray

Chicken Egg

Brown Chicken Egg

Gold Chicken Egg

Black Bass

Black Bass (L)



Pesetas (gold bars)


Velvet Blue


Pearl Pendant

Dirty Pearl Pendant

Brass Pocket Watch

Dirty Brass Pocket Watch

Elegant Headdress

Antique Pipe

Gold Bangle w/ Pearls

Amber Ring

Green Catseye

Red Catseye

Yellow Catseye


Beerstein w/(G)

Beerstein w/(R)

Beerstein w/(Y)

Beerstein w/(G,R)

Beerstein w/(G,Y)

Beerstein w/(R,Y)

Beerstein w/(G,R,Y)

Green Eye

Red Eye

Blue Eye

Butterfly Lamp

Butterfly Lamp w/(G)

Butterfly Lamp w/(B)

Butterfly Lamp w/(R)

Butterfly Lamp w/(G,B)

Butterfly Lamp w/(G,R)

Butterfly Lamp w/(R,B)

Butterfly Lamp w/(R,G,B)

Green Gem

Red Gem

Purple Gem

Elegant Mask

Elegant Mask w/(G)

Elegant Mask w/(P)

Elegant Mask w/(R)

Elegant Mask w/(G,P)

Elegant Mask w/(G,R)

Elegant Mask w/(R,P)

Elegant Mask w/(R,G,P)

Gold Bangle

Illuminados Pendant

Staff of Royalty

Elegant Chessboard

Elegant Perfume Bottle

Mirror w/ Pearls & Rubies

Hourglass w/ gold decor

Crown Jewel

Royal Insignia


Crown with Jewels

Crown with an insignia

Salazar Family Crown

Green Stone of Judgement

Red Stone of Faith

Blue Stone of Treason

Golden Lynx

Golden Lynx w/(B)

Golden Lynx w/(G)

Golden Lynx w/(R)

Golden Lynx w/(G,B)

Golden Lynx w/(G,R)

Golden Lynx w/(R,B)

Golden Lynx w/(G,R,B)


Attache Case M

Attache Case L

Attache Case XL

Tactical Vest