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New coverage: Resident Evil 2 Extreme Battle

Image of Resident Evil 2 Extreme Battle

In an effort to cover as much content as possible, we've added full coverage for the original Resident Evil 2's mini-game, Extreme Battle. This mode did not come with the original first release of RE2, but it got added in late 1998 DualShock re-release of the game.

We have indexed all of the various enemies you can encounter during this mode for all three difficulties, along with a full set of interactive maps that cover all three stages. Take a look here.

New coverage: Resident Evil 4 Remake

Image of Resident Evil 4 Remake

Whilst it is still very much work-in-progress, we are proud to announce that initial coverage for Resident Evil 4 Remake is now live!

We have indexed all of the various items, files and weapons, and produced fully interactive maps for this amazing remake. Following this update will be enemy locations and Hardcore mode allocations.

Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

New coverage: End of Zoe

Image of the End of Zoe DLC

After an unforgivable amount of time, we've finally added coverage for Resident Evil 7's highly sought after DLC, End of Zoe.

We have indexed all of the various item and enemy locations for End of Zoe, all allocated to a full set of interactive maps. We've also included full coverage of the infamous Joe Must Die difficulty.

We hope you find this update useful, so take a look if you feel like replaying this amazing conclusion to the Baker family.

Update: Resident Evil Guides

A new feature has been added to the site in the form of Guides.

We decided that, to celebrate the original game, we'd provide a series of simple guides for the 1996 game. Their intention is not to be a walkthrough, but to instead provide a library of these puzzle solutions should you need to quickly need a refresher on how to solve them.

So please, go and take a look and let us know what you think!

Resident Evil guides image

Content updates

Ever wondered how the use of the Cord item in the original 1998 version of Resident Evil 2 affects the gameplay? Well we thought we knew all the details of this, but we were very wrong! Turns out it really does have a few different outcomes depending on where and how you use this item to close the electric shutters in the police station.

We've written up our findings in the first of what we hope to be many more guide articles going forwards.

Read the guide

Cord and shutter outcomes guide image

New coverage: Resident Evil Village

Evil Resource is overwhelmingly happy to announce brand new coverage for the latest entry in the franchise - Resident Evil Village!


From the get-go we were playing this game, and what a fantastic game it is as well! We faced all sorts of new challenges compared to other games, not only with the large maps (which forced us to create new ways of splitting and rendering them on the site) but there's a lot of data to cover around all the obtainable items, such as key items, treasures, crafting and cooking recipes and ingredients. As such, there may still be some gaps in the coverage, but we're still very much playing it and documenting it, so rest assured that we'll have it all complete very soon!

So without further ado, please go and check out the brand new section of the site - Resident Evil Village - and please bear with us as we continue to grow this information over the coming days and weeks.

Image of Resident Evil Village

25th anniversary radio show

To celebrate 25 years of Resident Evil, avid retro enthusiast Retro Faith hosted an exclusive show celebrating the series.

We were lucky enough to have our own spot in the show to share our love for the series and provide insights into why Evil Resource was created. Check it out!