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New coverage: Resident Evil Village

Evil Resource is overwhelmingly happy to announce brand new coverage for the latest entry in the franchise - Resident Evil Village!


From the get-go we were playing this game, and what a fantastic game it is as well! We faced all sorts of new challenges compared to other games, not only with the large maps (which forced us to create new ways of splitting and rendering them on the site) but there's a lot of data to cover around all the obtainable items, such as key items, treasures, crafting and cooking recipes and ingredients. As such, there may still be some gaps in the coverage, but we're still very much playing it and documenting it, so rest assured that we'll have it all complete very soon!

So without further ado, please go and check out the brand new section of the site - Resident Evil Village - and please bear with us as we continue to grow this information over the coming days and weeks.

Image of Resident Evil Village

25th anniversary radio show

To celebrate 25 years of Resident Evil, avid retro enthusiast Retro Faith hosted an exclusive show celebrating the series.

We were lucky enough to have our own spot in the show to share our love for the series and provide insights into why Evil Resource was created. Check it out!

Update: Resident Evil 3 Remake - Hardcore & Nightmare modes

Over the past few days we have successfully documented the Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty settings for the Resident Evil 3 Remake and made them available on the site.

This means you can see exactly where ammunition, enemies and healing items are for these harder challenges, hopefully improving your chances of survival.

So go check it out, and let us know what you think!

New coverage: Resident Evil 3 Remake!

Evil Resource is proud to announce initial coverage for the remake of Resident Evil 3!


As we did with the RE2 Remake, as soon as this game was released we dived straight into recording its content. Behind the scenes on this site we have been uploading the data, and today we feel we have covered enough to reveal our progress.

As well as the usual interactive maps (and these have been quite complex given the size of some of the new areas), we have catalogued the items, files, enemies and various miscellaneous objects and plotted where they appear within the Standard game difficulty. We are still missing the final images for a few things, but rest assured these are coming.

Where's Hardcore, Nightmare and Inferno modes!?

We're glad you asked! These are actively being worked on right now and hope to have them available to you very soon! So keep checking back, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy what we have covered so far.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

All the best from the Evil Resource team, and stay safe during these uncertain times.

New coverage: Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Evil Resource is proud to announce the coverage of Resident Evil: Dead Aim! This spin-off title from the main franchise had a surprising number of followers, and many requests have come through to us for this game to be added to our site. So here it is!

So what's been added?

We have added all the items, files, enemies and characters of the game, and in our usual fashion we have provided you with a complete set of interactive maps to intrinsically link them all together.

At the moment in time we have covered just the Normal mode of the game, but plans are already in motion to expand this into the Easy and Hard modes.

So if you have been waiting patiently for the coverage of this game, please go and check out the brand new section of the site - Resident Evil: Dead Aim.