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Update: RE Revelations - Infernal Mode

Evil Resource is proud to announce a new update to the site.

Given that the two Revelations games have been re-released, we thought it appropriate to work on providing as much information on these games as possible. Therefore, we thought covering the dreaded Infernal mode of the first Revelations game would be a good starting point.

Not only do we cover the locations of the seemingly unfair number of new enemy placements in this mode, but at long last we can helpfully reveal the locations of those sought-after Legendary Parts!

Happy hunting!

Update: Resident Evil Zero - Leech Hunter

To continue the trend of supporting the mini-games that come bundled with many of the games of the series, Evil Resource is proud to announce the coverage f the infamous Leech Hunter mini-game from Resident Evil Zero!

What's included?

This update covers what we hope is a complete guide to Leech Hunter. The aim of this mini-game is to collect all of the Leech Charms scattered generously throughout the Umbrella Training Facility.

What makes this mini-game so interesting is that the Leech Charms seemingly had a random placement each time you played. As part of our extensive research, we believe we have found that there are in fact only three distinct variations to the placements of the charms themselves, as well as enemies, items and weapons. So, if you've been struggling to acquire all 100 Leech Charms, we hope this information will help guide your way. Check it out!

New coverage: Resident Evil 6

We at Evil Resource have been striving to cover a missing entry for what feels like an eternity. But it's finally here!

We have indexed all of the various item and enemy locations for RE6 across all campaigns. Unfortunately we were not able to incorporate interactive maps as part of this, as due to the game being a very linear experience, we felt that maps were not as useful as they are in other entries of the Resident Evil series.

We hope you find this update useful, so go check it out!

Update: Resident Evil 2 - 4th Survivor Mode

Evil Resource is proud to announce a brand new concept to the site. We're now supporting the side-game modes that come with most of the franchise's games.

To kick off this feature, we've added the data for the first side-game of the Resident Evil series, the infamous 4th Survivor mode that came bundled with Resident Evil 2!

What's included?

In traditional Evil Resource fashion, this update is all about where things are. We've covered the locations of all monsters you encounter during the 4th Survivor scenario, bundled together with a brand new set of interactive maps. We hope you find this update useful, so check it out here!