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Maps (Resident Evil Zero)


Image of Train 1F

Train 1F

Image of Train 2F

Train 2F

Image of Train Roof

Train Roof

Training Facility

Image of Training Facility B1

Training Facility B1

Image of Training Facility 1F

Training Facility 1F

Image of Training Facility 2F

Training Facility 2F

Image of Training Facility 3F

Training Facility 3F

Facility Basement

Image of Facility Basement B1

Facility Basement B1

Image of Facility Basement B2

Facility Basement B2

Image of Facility Basement B3

Facility Basement B3


Image of Laboratory 1F

Laboratory 1F

Image of Laboratory 2F

Laboratory 2F

Image of Laboratory B1

Laboratory B1

Image of Laboratory B2

Laboratory B2


Image of Factory 1F

Factory 1F

Image of Factory B1

Factory B1

Image of Factory B4

Factory B4

Treatment Plant

Image of Treatment Plant B5

Treatment Plant B5

Image of Treatment Plant B6

Treatment Plant B6

Image of Treatment Plant B7

Treatment Plant B7

Image of Treatment Plant B8

Treatment Plant B8

Image of Treatment Plant B9

Treatment Plant B9

Image of Treatment Plant 1F

Treatment Plant 1F