Leech Hunter

Your Mission

Find all the Blue and Green Leech Charms in the Umbrella Facility and exit the mansion's front door!

Leech Charm Features:

1. Colors:

Billy and Rebecca can only carry a certain color of Leech Charm and they cannot be exchanged between characters.

Blue Leech Charms = Billy
Green Leech Charms = Rebecca

2. Can't be Dropped:

Once you acquire a Leech Charm, it cannot be dropped.

3. Inventory Storage:

Up to 10 Leech Charms can be stored in your inventory as one item.

4. Leech Charm Count:

Blue Leech Charms: 50

Green Leech Charms: 50

5. Game Over:

If you exit through the mansion's front door or if either character dies, then the game will end.

If a character dies, your Leech Charms will not be counted, so stay alive until you escape!

Good luck!