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Maps (Resident Evil Zero - Leech Hunter)

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Training Facility 1F

Image of Projection RoomImage of West Wing CorridorImage of BathroomImage of Main HallImage of Dining RoomImage of KitchenImage of Boiler RoomImage of Storage Room
Image of Training Facility 1F

Training Facility 2F

Image of Assistant Director's OfficeImage of Small LibraryImage of Main LibraryImage of Art CorridorImage of Medicine RoomImage of Private CorridorImage of Lecture RoomImage of Outside BalconyImage of Main HallImage of Living RoomImage of Large HallImage of Art RoomImage of Narrow Corridor AImage of Narrow Corridor BImage of Old LaboratoryImage of Maintenance RoomImage of Piano BarImage of Broadcast RoomImage of Private Study Room
Image of Training Facility 2F

Training Facility 3F

Image of Large HallImage of Observatory Tower
Image of Training Facility 3F

Training Facility B1

Image of Train PassageImage of Sewer Passage
Image of Training Facility B1

Facility Basement B1

Image of Torture Room AImage of Observation RoomImage of Basement EntranceImage of Monitor RoomImage of Torture Room B
Image of Facility Basement B1

Facility Basement B2

Image of Cavernous AreaImage of Statue RoomImage of Storage RoomImage of Boiler RoomImage of Bunk Room AImage of Bunk Room B
Image of Facility Basement B2

Facility Basement B3

Image of Training RoomImage of Cavernous AreaImage of Waterfall Room
Image of Facility Basement B3