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  • Alex (Webmaster)
    about 3 days ago

    I'm currently working on the coverage for Resident Evil Village, so please keep checking back for updates as I'll start publishing the information as soon as I have it in a nice enough state :) happy gaming everyone!

  • MadHollow
    about 4 days ago

    para cuando la guía del village? estoy emocionado por ver que me perdí

  • Bayometric
    about 9 days ago

    This site is AMAZING, thank you for assisting my playthroughs on stream! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

  • Jack
    about 13 days ago

    Great site - loved stumbling onto it.

    Appreciate the work!

  • Webmaster
    about 19 days ago

    @Alex hi there. Village isn't out yet, but we will be adding coverage for it once it is released. We most certainly aren't giving up on the site, so watch this space :)

  • Alex
    about 19 days ago

    Its 2021. New Resident Evil game is already out. Give up on the site?

  • deperyinc
    about 28 days ago

    you guys rock

  • Nubley
    about 1 month ago

    I was watching a Maximilian stream of Outbreak and that game fucking blows lmao. This site is super dope tho, keep privately owned wikis and guestbooks alive forever!

  • Chris Wolf
    about 2 months ago

    excelente guía, me a sido de gran ayuda, no para el juego en si, sino para crear mi propia partida de roll, excelente juego para llevarlo al sistema FATE

  • Michael
    about 3 months ago

    It will probably be cool if you ad models for the creatures and people some enemies in resident evil 6

  • Red
    about 3 months ago

    This site is my go-to stop for anything RE related, easily the best around!

  • AlvenMaymn
    about 3 months ago

    Really all kinds of great information!

  • JJ
    about 3 months ago

    Great site. Really looking forward to when RE8 comes out and your profiles on it!

  • Cool dude
    about 3 months ago

    One of my favourite websites on the internet, thank you for keeping it up and updating. I hope it is kept backed up because this website is the ultimate resi resource!

  • T-Dog
    about 3 months ago

    Is everyone ready for village!!!!