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  • NotAZoe_EndOfHero
    about 4 days ago

    Awesome stuff, all the info I need is here. Thanks doods

  • Wesker Birkin
    about 5 days ago

    I am from France, and i love RESIDENT EVIL since the first game on PS1.
    Only the RE games can make me buy a new console.
    Your site is great, beautiful, useful, and very respectful with the RE universe.
    Thanks for this!

  • Ducky
    about 6 days ago

    This website is 10/10. Bravo.

  • Akai
    about 12 days ago

    Thank you

  • YellowFever69
    about 12 days ago

    Thanks for the info here.

  • Luthius
    about 26 days ago

    This website is AMAZING <3

  • Nyp
    about 26 days ago

    Best Resident Evil page. Very helpful maps, items lists and cross references!

  • ralphdro
    about 30 days ago

    I was never really into RE, but after playing the REmake 2 DEMO I fell in love!! Played the original one, thanks for you guys for helping me to survive the Spencer Mansion.
    This site is amazing!!

  • Late4dinner
    about 1 month ago

    Resident Evil is life! Woo! Re2 remake 1/25/19

  • JangHwan
    about 2 months ago

    Hi. I am from South.korea

    I am so happy to know this site.

    As well you know guys. Re 2 Remake is coming out next month.

    I have been looking forward to playing it and sharing with you guys in this site.

  • BloodiBeard
    about 2 months ago

    Well done with this site. Great info and covers a shit ton!

  • Guthrie
    about 3 months ago

    This site is perfect! Thanks for helping me through RE2!!!

  • ThePulp
    about 4 months ago

    I love you

  • Valbo
    about 4 months ago

    Love this site. It's got just about all you need to know about RE, but leaves just enough out for you to find out stuff for yourself.

  • Hardcore
    about 4 months ago

    Resident Evil 1 (1996): Another Hunter is meetable after you acquired the Helmet Key in the Wardrobe where the crouching Zombie has been before. :)