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  • 17:46 on 12th August 2014John said...

    first of all compliments for this site. It has the most intelligent and well thought layout to figure out where and what items you are missing.

    I want to point out a possible error though. I am playing the GC version, so I am not sure if this is a GC version specific thing but anyways:

    In Leon B scenario, during the first encounter with Mr.X once you knock him down, he drops only a single box of handgun ammo, not 2 as the map states.

    Thank you so much for this website, it's brilliant.

  • 20:36 on 6th August 2014Alex said...

    @Raven - Something new is coming very soon. Based on feedback I have received so far, Revelations is the game I will be working on next, followed by RE6. I honestly can't give an exact time scale, however I d have a week off work coming up that I intend to spend some of it working on the site.

    All I can ask is for you to be patient. This site will continue to receive updates, I do not intend to abandon it. This site is for you guys, so as long as you keep visiting I will have a reason to continue developing it :-)

  • 20:29 on 6th August 2014Alex said...

    @anonymous - That's okay, thank you for getting back in touch. Walkthroughs would be a nice feature to add, but so as to not plagiarise someone else's work I would either need to write them myself or have someone contribute them to my site. One day perhaps, but thanks for the suggestion, I will certainly consider it :-)

  • 16:33 on 4th August 2014Raven said...

    Alex, when is something new coming? and just out of curiosity, when will u add resident evil 6 and resident evil revelations? please respond truthfully.

  • 12:17 on 2nd August 2014anonymous said...

    I apologize Alex. When I searched resident evil news sites this is the first site on that list. I hope you can forgive me for being rude earlier. As for what games I want to see, I would say revelations. And I've recently started playing resident evil 6, I could maybe help with that. One question though. Do you plan to eventual add the games walkthroughs?

  • 21:17 on 27th July 2014Alex said...

    @anonymous - If you have read the recent comments on this very page you will see that I am currently working on new content. This isn't a Resident Evil news site, and it is not intended to cover instant up-to-date information on the series. That's not this site's purpose. Can I ask what it is you want to see?

    Please check out my list of affiliates for other Resident Evil websites that may offer what you are looking for.

  • 20:52 on 27th July 2014anonymous said...

    Just another site gone to hell with nothing new being added. Damnit. Time to find another Resident Evil website.

  • 11:30 on 17th July 2014Chris Redfield said...

    I can't wait for RE6 and revelations to come out.

  • 13:35 on 14th July 2014Alex said...

    @Dante - Hi Dante. Thank you, I am glad you have found this site helpful. I tried re-creating the mansion in the original Sims years ago. I would love to see it when you've finished. Best of luck in your project.

  • 13:30 on 14th July 2014Alex said...

    @Gemma - Hi Gemma. Covering Silent Hill would be cool. I will consider looking into it :-)

  • 4:23 on 14th July 2014Dante said...

    Hello Master Alex,
    I am currently working hard on a Sim 3 project of RE director's cut (where the legend did start) and your site is like the sacred Graal, thanks you so much for your tremendous quality work which is very helpful (finally i know where to put this bloody helipad)
    About your future choice, i would just say : pick the best one according to you (and "Revelations" if you really don't have a favorite in the remaining ones)
    Chris... Take care... oups... i mean Alex ;)
    Best regards,

  • 18:50 on 28th June 2014Gemma said...

    Brilliant app any plans on making a silent hill one please

  • 11:22 on 26th June 2014Alex said...

    @Namgunsth - Don't worry, I'm going to cover all of them. The question is, from that list, which one would you like to see covered next? I can only do one at a time :-)

  • 3:47 on 26th June 2014Namgunsth said...

    All of them!

    I don't want to miss any release of R.E

  • 16:31 on 22nd June 2014Alex said...

    Thanks for recent comments guys!

    @Alex - Both Revelations and RE6 are in the pipeline to be added to the site. Given that there are still quite a few games left to cover, what is everyone's preference for which game gets added next?

    The choices are:
    Outbreak File #2
    Survivor 2
    Dead Aim
    The Umbrella Chronicles
    The Darkside Chronicles

    Cast your vote now!