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Resident Evil 2 - The 4th Survivor

"G... G-Virus. I have to bring it to Umbrella..."
"Alpha Team here, mission accomplished."
"Roger, we'll rendezvous at the meeting point."

Welcome to the 4th Survivor. This is the story of HUNK, an Umbrella operative tasked with retrieving the G-Virus sample from the hands of William Birkin. Unfortunately, Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus and mutated into a rampaging monster known simply as G, hell bent on tracking down HUNK's team before they can escape with the previous virus samples.

This mini-game picks up days after HUNK's team encounters G in the sewers, with the soldier being the lone survivor but still in the possession of a sample of the G-Virus. You must complete your mission.

The objective is simple, to navigate your way from the bowels of the Raccoon City Sewers up to the roof of the Raccoon Police Department where your escape helicopter awaits. A multitude of monsters lie between you and your destination. Can you make it to the heliport alive?


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