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Maps (Resident Evil 2 - The 4th Survivor)

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Sewage Disposal

Image of Filtering RoomImage of Septic Pool WalkwayImage of Septic Pool EntranceImage of Underground Area
Image of Sewage Disposal

Police Station B1

Image of Cell Block EntranceImage of KennelImage of Parking LotImage of Basement Entrance
Image of Police Station B1

Police Station 1F

Image of Winding CorridorImage of West Stairway 1FImage of 'L' CorridorImage of Waiting Room 1FImage of Main HallImage of Basement StairwayImage of Payphone CorridorImage of Main Office
Image of Police Station 1F

Police Station 2F

Image of Office CorridorImage of West Stairway 2FImage of LoungeImage of LibraryImage of Main Hall 2FImage of Helicopter CorridorImage of Waiting Room 2FImage of HelipadImage of Crow Passage
Image of Police Station 2F