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Resident Evil Gaiden

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PlatformsNintendo Game Boy Color
In an effort to stop the global operation of the evil corporate entity Umbrella, an underground organisation consisting of S.T.A.R.S. members and ex-Umbrella employees was formed.

Now. at the clandestine hideout of the underground organisation, Barry Burton and an unidentified woman are discussing the mission.

A new type of Bio-Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) developed at Umbrella Labs has escaped and is believed to be on board the luxury cruise ship Starlight. The ship is currently crossing the Atlantic heading for Europe! Leon S. Kennedy was sent to eliminate the B.O.W. His last report confirmed that he had boarded the Starlight. He has not been heard from since his last communiqué.

Had the horrors of Raccoon City surfaced again?



TitlePlatformRegionRelease date
Resident Evil GaidenNintendo Game Boy ColorEurope14 December 2001
Resident Evil GaidenNintendo Game Boy ColorJapan29 March 2002
Resident Evil GaidenNintendo Game Boy ColorNorth America3 June 2002