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  • monklong87
    about 5 months ago

    Resident Evil Zero
    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil Remake
    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    Resident Evil 3 Remake
    Resident Evil Outbreak
    Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
    Resident Evil Survivor
    Resident Evil: Dead Aim
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica
    Resident Evil 4
    Resident Evil Revelations
    Resident Evil 5
    Resident Evil Revelations 2
    Resident Evil 6
    Resident Evil 7

  • Freddy Bonilla
    about 5 months ago

    Whoever created this....thank you so much

  • Webmaster
    about 5 months ago

    Hi @Mobile Forces fan. Thanks for the feedback. That's interesting about the Hunter Beta's, we don't recall ever seeing them here. Could you see if you could provide a screenshot or video that shows Hunter Beta's?

  • Mobile Forces fan
    about 5 months ago

    Great site, I love it. Keep the evil flow. :D There's a little mistake in Resident Evil 3 info about which enemy appears at one of the places. At the Experiment Room in the Hospital basement. Its not hunter gamma that bursts out of their cryo-tubes after you take the vaccine medium! Its hunter beta and they were 2 or 3. I clearly remember it cause its one of the toughest places to deal with in this game. If they were hunter gamma it would've been a walk in the park :)

  • Xavier Chavez
    about 5 months ago

    This is awesome. Keep up the good work with each new game!

  • slatorama
    about 5 months ago

    Love the site, great job!

  • cyrboucher
    about 6 months ago

    ive been visiting this site for 5 years, it's an extremely good site for RE's fans!!!! Well it still doesn't have RES2:CV, REUC or REDC but it's still have the most populars games so it's fine.

  • Resmanc
    about 6 months ago

    The best RE website ever. Thank you for the hard work guys.

  • dest
    about 6 months ago

    i've been a resident evil fan since i was a kid but i just now found this website! amazing work over the years, guys! here's to 15 more and beyond

  • Vitor Correia da Silva
    about 6 months ago

    Eu estou participando do mapa interativo de vĂ¡rios jogos Resident Evil com armas, itens, personagens exceto Resident Evil 6 e 7, inimigos, mapas exceto Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 e Revelations 2, arquivos e muito mais!

  • Diego
    about 6 months ago

    Man, this is an amazing place, a dream come true for every resident evil fan!

  • Webmaster
    about 7 months ago

    Hi @Flas. We're actively working on the RE3 Remake content right now, so expect some updates to the site in the coming days. It does take some time to compile all the data, and we strive to be as accurate as possible, but rest assured the updates are coming :-)

  • Flas
    about 7 months ago

    where is the resident evil 3 remake coverage?

  • OTTO
    about 7 months ago

    Best RE site!

  • Nicholas Chapman
    about 7 months ago

    I love the resident evil game's I been playing them since it all started in the outscores of raccoon city back in 1998 the story of Chris and Jill they are fun and scary as well the horror the remakes bring makes it that much more harder scary and funner I didn't really care for re7 but I can't wait to see what turn Capcom takes resident evil game's to next and what kind of horror the B.O.Ws bring to us