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Maps (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

Police Station

Image of Police Station 1F

Police Station 1F

Image of Police Station 2F

Police Station 2F

Image of Police Station 3F

Police Station 3F

Image of Police Station 4F

Police Station 4F

Image of Police Station B1

Police Station B1

Underground Facility

Image of Underground Facility Upper

Underground Facility Upper

Image of Underground Facility Middle

Underground Facility Middle

Image of Underground Facility Lower

Underground Facility Lower

Behind R.P.D.

Image of Behind R.P.D.

Behind R.P.D.


Image of Orphanage 1F

Orphanage 1F

Image of Orphanage 2F

Orphanage 2F

Image of Orphanage B1

Orphanage B1

Sewer Entrance

Image of Sewer Entrance

Sewer Entrance


Image of Sewers Upper

Sewers Upper

Image of Sewers Middle

Sewers Middle

Image of Sewers Lower

Sewers Lower


Image of Laboratory B1

Laboratory B1

Image of Laboratory B2 (East)

Laboratory B2 (East)

Image of Laboratory B2 (West)

Laboratory B2 (West)

Image of Laboratory B3

Laboratory B3

Image of Laboratory B4

Laboratory B4