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Maps (Resident Evil Outbreak)


Image of J's Bar 1F

J's Bar 1F

Image of J's Bar 2F

J's Bar 2F

Image of J's Bar 3F

J's Bar 3F

Image of J's Bar Rooftop

J's Bar Rooftop

Image of Town 1

Town 1

Image of Town 2

Town 2

Below Freezing Point

Image of Underground 8F

Underground 8F

Image of Underground 7F

Underground 7F

Image of Underground 6F

Underground 6F

Image of Underground 5F

Underground 5F

Image of Underground 4F

Underground 4F

Image of Turn Table

Turn Table

The Hive

Image of Hospital 1F

Hospital 1F

Image of Hospital 2F

Hospital 2F

Image of Hospital 3F

Hospital 3F

Image of Hospital Rooftop

Hospital Rooftop

Image of Hospital B1F

Hospital B1F

Image of Hospital B2F

Hospital B2F


Image of Apple Inn Hotel 1F

Apple Inn Hotel 1F

Image of Apple Inn Hotel 2F

Apple Inn Hotel 2F

Image of Apple Inn Hotel 3F

Apple Inn Hotel 3F

Decisons, Decisions

Image of University 1F

University 1F

Image of University 2F

University 2F

Image of University 3F

University 3F

Image of University B1F

University B1F

Image of University B2F

University B2F

Image of University B3F

University B3F

Image of University B4F

University B4F

Image of Emission Tower Facility

Emission Tower Facility

Image of Emission Tower Lower Level

Emission Tower Lower Level

Image of Emission Tower Upper Level 1

Emission Tower Upper Level 1

Image of Emission Tower Upper Level 2

Emission Tower Upper Level 2

Image of University Yard 1

University Yard 1

Image of University Yard 2

University Yard 2