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Below Freezing Point Maps (Resident Evil Outbreak)

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Underground 8F

Image of ElevatorImage of PlatformImage of Underground Tunnel
Image of Underground 8F

Underground 7F

Image of B7F LaboratoryImage of B7F South PassageImage of Duct (B7F)Image of B7F Chemical Disposal RoomImage of B7F East PassageImage of B7F Chemical Storage
Image of Underground 7F

Underground 6F

Image of B6F Security CenterImage of B6F South PassageImage of Duct (B6F)Image of B6F East PassageImage of B6F Break Room
Image of Underground 6F

Underground 5F

Image of B5F Area B PassageImage of B5F Computer RoomImage of B5F Emergency PassageImage of B5F Area C PassageImage of Duct (B5F)
Image of Underground 5F

Underground 4F

Image of B4F Turn TableImage of Main ShaftImage of B4F West Area PassageImage of Duct (B4F)Image of B4F East Area PassageImage of B4F Low Temperature LaboratoryImage of B4F Culture Room
Image of Underground 4F

Turn Table

Image of Marshaling Yard
Image of Turn Table