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The Hive Maps (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Hospital 1F

Image of Doctors' StationImage of Night ReceptionImage of 1F PassageImage of OfficeImage of HallImage of Locker RoomImage of Central Waiting RoomImage of Examination RoomImage of Treatment Room
Image of Hospital 1F

Hospital 2F

Image of Nurses' StationImage of 2F PassageImage of Room 202
Image of Hospital 2F

Hospital 3F

Image of Nurses' CenterImage of 3F PassageImage of Room 301Image of Room 302
Image of Hospital 3F

Hospital Rooftop

Image of Rooftop
Image of Hospital Rooftop

Hospital B1F

Image of Reposing RoomImage of B1F PassageImage of Elevator Control RoomImage of B1F South PassageImage of Waste Liquid Disposal Room
Image of Hospital B1F

Hospital B2F

Image of LaboratoryImage of Fixed Temperature LaboratoryImage of B2F PassageImage of Underpass Entrance
Image of Hospital B2F