Maps (Resident Evil 2)

Raccoon City Streets

Image of City Area 1

City Area 1

Image of City Area 2

City Area 2

Police Station

Image of Police Station 1F

Police Station 1F

Image of Police Station 2F

Police Station 2F

Image of Police Station 3F

Police Station 3F

Image of Police Station B1

Police Station B1

Raccoon Sewers

Image of Sewage Disposal

Sewage Disposal

Image of Sewer B1

Sewer B1

Image of Sewer B2

Sewer B2

Raccoon City Outskirts

Image of Vacant Factory B1

Vacant Factory B1

Image of Vacant Factory 1F

Vacant Factory 1F

Underground Laboratory

Image of Laboratory B1

Laboratory B1

Image of Laboratory B2

Laboratory B2

Image of Laboratory B3

Laboratory B3

Image of Laboratory B4

Laboratory B4

Image of Laboratory B5

Laboratory B5

Image of Transport